The Five Box Decluttering Technique

The Five Box Decluttering Technique

National Decluttering Week

Throughout the week we’re talking about how you can get more organised because it’s National Decluttering Week!

The Five Box method is a simple and popular method to help you systematically declutter a part of your home, as well as providing you with a quick and simple way to deal with your stuff.

How Does It Work?

Don’t take on too much at once. Focus on a particular area of a room, or designate a specific amount of time to decluttering. Don’t take everything out of the drawers or shelves, as you might run out of steam and end up disheartened. This will end with you being more disorganised than in the first place.

Instead, simply take one item at a time and consider it carefully. Even if you think you know you want it, it needs to be put in a certain box. Make sure you consider every item in the area (e.g The Hallway).

Dedicate five boxes to each destination:
• Bin – for items that are too old, broken or worn for use.
• Store – items that are won’t be used on a regular basis, but will be used.
• Donate – items that are in good repair but you no longer want or need.
• Keep – these belong in this place and will be put back.
• Relocate – items that do not belong here and will need to find a new home.

Now What?

Once everything has been sorted into a box, clean the area that you’re decluttering. Then, take the boxes to their destination. Whether it’s for storage, then bin or donate, get rid of it as soon as you can so your stuff doesn’t make its way back on to your shelf.

Schedule Decluttering Time 

To make sure that this works, you’ll need to schedule time regularly, and commit to keeping it organised to make a difference.


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