5 Storage Ideas for Students

5 Storage Ideas for Students

Storage Ideas for Students

Unless you’re lucky, your room in student halls is likely to be small. Even if it’s not, you’ll probably end up keeping most of your belongings in your bedroom. So whether you’ve moved out from your parents completely, or you’ve just taken some of your stuff, you’ll need some helpful student storage ideas specifically for students. And that’s where we come in - read on for ways to make the most of your space at university.

1) Vertical Space

You’re likely to have more wall space than floor space, so instead of taking up that valuable breathing room, look to the vertical space instead. Whether it’s over doors, chairs, the end of your bed, or simply using the walls themselves, the possibilities are endless. Over-the-door hooks, pockets or racks are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, and they are available in different styles too, so finding something that will suit your decor and be functional will be easy.

Though it’s unlikely that the university or your landlord will let you mark or damage the walls, they may have been kind enough to provide you with a few nails or a corkboard for your own use. Make sure you utilise this wall space and use it to hang jewellery, self-adhesive hooks or light shelving.


2) Multipurpose Furniture

Fold away furniture is a god send for students. A student room will normally come with a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe, however if you want extra furniture, then fold away furniture is ideal. Chairs, stools and even desks can be folded away. However, if you plan on working at a desk, we’d recommend investing in your work set up and making it as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Furniture that doubles as storage, like a desk with book shelves in it, for instance, will come in useful in student homes as well as homes in the future. So if a desk is something you need to buy for your room, consider how it can be put to really good use.


3) The Bed 

Under the bed storage can be really useful if used properly. Without planning it’ll end up full of empty suitcases, old pizza boxes and various underwear garments, so you have to make the most of it. Use those empty suitcases for bedding, or buy under-bed storage, so you know your stuff won’t get dusty. If your bed isn’t high enough, you can buy bed risers relatively cheaply so you can fit much more underneath.


4) The Wardrobe

Clothing storage in university halls is ample for some, but others find that they can’t fit half their wardrobe in their room, let alone a slim cupboard. For some, it’s actually the hangers that take up a lot of space. Replace the ones that you’ve collected over the years with slim-line velvet hangers and watch your wardrobe magically shrink.

5) Storage Bins 

Awkward spaces can be filled vertically with storage bins. Whether you fill them with shoes, study supplies, gadgets or your cosmetics, storage bins come in all sorts of sizes. A word of caution, however, make sure that you measure the space before you buy anything – otherwise even more space will be wasted.

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