How Upcycling Can Help End Your Storage Nightmares

How Upcycling Can Help End Your Storage Nightmares

What is upcycling?

Upcycle: “to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original” -

Upcycling is to take a product and reuse it in a way that retains, or even improves, the quality of the item. Most people feel that an upcycled product is something made from less useful materials. For example, jewellery made from newspaper. The newspaper served a relatively limited purpose compared to the years of enjoyment someone might get out of an artistic piece of jewellery.

Why Upcycle?


There are many reasons that you should buy upcycled products, or to upcycle items yourself.- It’s greener than recycling, and its results are better quality. Recycling is often associated with a reduction in a product’s quality- it breaks down consumer materials and remakes them into a new product. Upcycling makes something better by refashioning an existing item or product. Upcycling refashions an item or product into something better.- It is creative. Once you begin, you start seeing the potential for upcycling in everything.

- You throw away less stuff. If you start decluttering, there are inevitably some things that will be chucked away, donated or sold, but if you are able to put these things to new uses, then you won’t have made a loss on those items.

Where Did It Come From?


This is not a new phenomenon. In the 1930s and 40s, upcycling happened all the time, as it was a period where people had little economical resource. “Make do and mend” was the order of the day and families repurposed everything as many times as they could to avoid spending extra money.Today, there are other elements to upcycling. While being thrifty is still a big reason for upcycling, some are conscious about the environment, and others prefer the artistic aesthetic. We love upcycling because it means you can use things that you might have previously got rid of, but once revived, your old junk gets a new lease of life and can be used again.

How Do You Get Started?  Figure out what you need. Think about what you have already and set aside things you don’t need or want – could you use that rake that you bought last autumn but never used?With a lick of paint and some embellishment, it could be a really interesting way to store your jewellery.Get inspired. Here at Safestore, we love our storage hacks, so we scour Pinterest and other sites to find inspiration for new projects. Check out some of our storage hacks for your hallway, your bathroom, and your bedroom.There are so many different things that you could make out of objects you might previously have discarded as junk. Once you start, you’ll want to upcycle everything!

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