10 Clever Toy Storage Ideas

10 Clever Toy Storage Ideas

Is your house overun with toys?

Finding places to store all of your children’s toys can often cause a major problem, especially if space is an issue. Luckily, there are plenty of space saving storage ideas that are easy to do and that won’t cost you the earth. Here are some clever storage solutions for keeping your house tidy and those toys hidden safely out of the way.

1. Mason Jars


Mason jars are often associated with the kitchen, but they can provide a fantastic solution to storing all of those small bits and pieces your children are guaranteed to have lying around the house.

From crayons to small toys, there are so many things that you can keep safe in them. You can even customise your jars by gluing toy animals to the lids and coating them in spray paint.


2. Under Bed Storage


Why not utilise some of that forgotten space under the kids’ beds by using some under bed storage?

You can purchase storage boxes that can be slotted under beds with ease, and as well as being a clever storage solution, it also combats messy space under beds.


3. Shoe Separators

Those clever shoe separators you hang from the back of your door or in your wardrobe are not just for shoes. You can also use them to separate soft toys to keep them off the floor.


4. Lunch Boxes


Lunch boxes are great for storing small toys such as Lego and they can be easily stacked on shelves or on top of wardrobes. Opt for the clear boxes as this will allow you to see what they contain without having to rummage.


5. Hanging Baskets


Whether you choose to hang them from your ceiling or attach them to your wall, you can use hanging baskets in your home to help you to keep toys off the floor. These are perfect for garden toys and allow you to keep unsuitable toys out of reach of younger children.


6. Hammocks

Although this may not be for everyone, hammocks are a great way to round up all of your child’s soft toys in a fun and inventive way.


7.Wall Hooks


Use these when storing garden toys as they are especially useful for storing bigger items such as bikes and scooters.



Why not use buckets to store your bathroom toys? This way, it doesn’t matter if they get put away when wet as the water will just drain into the bottom of the buckets.

It also means you’ll be able to maintain a relaxing bathroom area for when you need a little me time.


9.Vintage Suitcases

If you’re looking for a more decorative, alternative way to store those toys away, why not start a collection of vintage suitcases.

Not only will these look fantastic, they are fairly cheap to source and it doesn’t matter if the colours don’t all match.




Magnets are a simple yet fantastic storage solution when it comes to toys, and there are a whole host of ways to use them.

From creating a magnetic wall to hold toys cars, to gluing them to the inside of jam jar lids to attach them to the underneath of shelves, why not get creative and create some DIY solutions with magnets?

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