Classroom storage ideas

Classroom storage ideas

As a teacher you always need more storage. Managing your space is a constant challenge, as you try and manage the needs of your students within the space of your classroom. These 10 classroom storage ideas will give you affordable and smart solutions for all your storage needs.

A solution to a maths problem



One of the best ways to explain the concept of maths to students is by making it fun. The problem comes when you have different games for each conundrum. To ensure your classroom doesn’t look like a cyclone has blown through it, store maths games in plastic bags and hang them on a rail.


Keep your paints organised & clean



Paints and students don’t always mix well. Instead of dulling your student’s creativity however, store paint in old ketchup bottles, and allow them to squeeze the amount they need into pots. Not only does this look exciting and cool, it’s practical too.

iPad storage


With most schools embracing technology - especially iPads - keeping them organised is vital. With upwards of thirty iPads in your classroom, the problem of tangled wires is an imminent threat to your sanity. An effective solution is to purchase or make a portable iPad cupboard, one that is designed specifically to stop the chaos of multiple wires.

Organise your art knick-knacks


Art is a great way to get through to your students, and is fundamental in every classroom. However, it can be extremely messy. Use clever spice storage pots to keep all your knick-knacks in.

Reading levels


Reading is vital for your students, but understanding their individual level is key in helping them progress. Paint coloured shelves on your bookshelf and assign each colour a reading level, then simply match the books to the colour.

Organise your games


Games are great for engagement, however parts can easily be lost or broken. Replace your bulky cardboard boxes and keep game pieces organised in storage boxes.

Magazine racks


This cool storage idea for your classroom will keep magazines organised and easily accessible for you class to get at. Hang magazines onto a curtain rod with shower curtain rings.

Student mailbox


Keep all your student class books, homework and school communication in one place in these converted wall-hanging magazine holders. Mailboxes are vital for students, so replace the old bulky folders with these sleek racks.

Plastic bag holders


Classrooms need plastic bags, especially when students take home art projects. A simple solution to the pile of plastic bags in the corner of the room, is to stuff empty tissue boxes with plastic bags. Simply fill up and place on each desk.

Apron chair tidies


Buy cheap aprons and tie them around the back of chairs for a nifty little way to keep your kids things tidy.

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