The best holiday packing tips

The best holiday packing tips

With airline luggage size requirements decreasing, finding space for your holiday essentials is becoming more and more difficult. Follow these five packing tips and learn how to save space in your suitcase.

Plan your trip in advance

According to a recent survey by the Post Office, 37% of holidaymakers admit to being disorganised packers. However, by planning your trip in advance - look at the weather, plan your activities - you will have an idea of the things you wish to take, meaning you won’t take extra clothes you don’t need.

Roll your clothes



If you need to find space in your suitcase rolling your clothes rather than folding them will create extra room. Roll items as tightly as possible in order to achieve the maximum space-saving effect. You should pack these items tightly - using a rubber band around the clothes helps to stop unrolling and creasing.

Vacuum pack your clothes



Vacuum packing your clothes may seem extreme, but this method will dramatically help you save much needed space in your suitcase. Put your rolled clothes in the vacuum bag, seal, and then squeeze the air out. Not only will this create space, it will also prevent creases more effectively than folding clothes.

Fill your shoes



When it comes to packing, you need to fill every space. A key space saving tip is to use the inside of your shoes as storage. Fill your socks with jewellery, and then stuff your socks inside your shoes – which also keeps the shoes in shape.

Use underwear as filler

Once your case is nearly packed fill the gaps with underwear. You can fit underwear and socks down the sides of the case once it’s full, rather than wasting valuable space in the middle of your case.

Next time you go on holiday, these great space saving tips will guarantee your packing will be stress-free; the holiday however, is down to you.

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