Freshers: Moving from house to halls

Freshers: Moving from house to halls

Student Halls Storage Ideas

Thousands of new students will be heading off to university in the coming weeks, many will be leaving home for the first time and moving into halls of residence. And with student rooms not usually big enough to swing a cat in, it can be difficult to know what to do with all your things.

So as you arrive with your parent’s car full to bursting with bags, boxes and suitcases of all your prized possessions (obviously all crucial for everyday living) and enter your tiny room, your new home for the next year, you may wonder how you’ll fit in all your stuff!

Check out some of these ideas from around the web on how to make the most of your new albeit small space.

3 chairs for storage, hip hip hooray!

Create extra space on your desk by slipping this cool storage pocket onto the back of your chair. It can hold for your books, laptops and other stationery supplies.

If you’re handy with a sew machine, try making your own or just purchase one from Aussie Pouch.

Over the door storage

Available from many high street retailers or online, an inexpensive over the door shoe organiser can hold more than just your shoes.

Use it to store anything from wash items, make up and medicines to snacks, jewellery and stationery.


Hair care storage, because you’re worth it!

This space saving idea from Rachael Hairstylist uses Command sticky hooks in the inside cupboard door to hang your hair dryer and straighteners.

You’ll be able to save some space and keep your hair care tools organised at the same time.


Wardrobe shoe storage

If you’ve got a shoe explosion happening at the bottom of your wardrobe, tension rods or pressure fit curtain poles can help create your own shoe organizer. Just stagger the poles for heels and level them for flats.


No room for monsters under this bed!

Use your empty suitcase to store bedding, linen and extra towels under your bed or buy under-bed storage or clear plastic boxes to prevent items getting dusty.

And if your bed isn’t high enough bed risers are relatively cheap. Why not see how high you can go! You might even be able to find some with a built in power supply.


File it all away

Filing cabinets and drawers are a useful way to keep on top of things. Why not label each drawer or upcycle a drab old metal one into a work of art. Plus you can use it as a handy bedside table.

And so with all your stuff all neatly packed away, it’s time to enjoy Fresher’s Week!

For more storage tips, visit our student storage options. 

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