7 Reasons People Put Furniture into Storage

7 Reasons People Put Furniture into Storage

Why do people put furniture in storage?

Here at Safestore we deal with a lot of furniture.  People choose to store with us for a number of reasons; sometimes it's because their elderly parents have passed away and they have inherited their furniture.  It was the furniture that they grew up with and is featured in many family photos.

Until losing a loved one, many people never realized how central inanimate objects are to their memories.  There is always a sentimental value or attachment and generally people are not ready to throw things out or give them away, even if it's a sofa that has seen better days.

So, until you decide what to do with it or get a bigger house to store it in, you might want to put it into storage.

Self storage can also be useful for furniture storage in a number of every day situations.

1. Carpet Cleaning

When the time comes to get the carpets cleaned many of us are in the same position; we attempt to put all of our furniture in one room, clean the carpets, wait for them to dry, then shuffle all of the furniture to another room and repeat.  However why not put your large pieces of furniture into self-storage for a week.  That way your carpeted rooms can be done all at once and gives the rooms ample time to dry.

2. Renovations/Decorating

Most builders, painters and decorators will do their best to keep your place tidy while they go about their work.  However, with all the best intentions in the world, sometimes dust sheets are not enough to keep belongings safe from dust and splatters of paint and plaster.  Storing your items in self storage will make it easier for the tradesmen to work instead of having to work around everything, hopefully saving you time, money and cleaning.

3. Family Heirlooms

You may not have enough space to keep a family heirloom, be it an old vanity table or a grandfather clock, but you would like to keep it to pass onto another family member in the future.  

3. Staging your Home

To you it's your home and you can see past all the clutter.  However many buyers lack imagination and will not be able to see past your piano that is covered in post and magazines or your cluttered spare room.  Before listing your home and getting the estate agent round to do some photos, it may be an idea to put a lot of your belongings into self storage.  Clean and spacious rooms will make your property appear bigger and will also enable potential buyers to see your home as their own blank canvas.

5. Family Moving in

This is becoming a common living situation; whether it's your parents getting to an age where they could use a bit more support or your children returning home because they're not yet in a financial position to get their own place.  This could result in two sets of furniture and self storage could alleviate some of the space issues.

6. Relocation

People relocate for a number of reasons such as retirement, a new job or down-sizing.  To keep a foothold on the property ladder in the UK, many opt to rent their properties while they are away to help with the costs.  However, they would rather not leave their belongings (including furniture) with strangers so they opt to store their furniture and let their properties, unfurnished or semi-furnished.

7. Restoring Furniture

If you are a talented and have a knack for rescuing previously loved pieces of furniture from eBay, car boot sales and auctions, with the intention of restoring it and selling it on, a self-storage unit can also double as a workshop as well.

Do you store furniture for a different reason?  If so, please do leave us a comment.


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