​The Best Gadgets for Student Living

​The Best Gadgets for Student Living

Must have Gadgets for Students

Being a student is tougher than it looks.  From seemingly impossible deadlines to bank accounts emptier than your refrigerator, university life becomes a delicate balance as you try to juggle fun, good grades, time and money.

Because we understand the dedication a degree commands, Safestore graduates have come together to list their top 10 practical and life-saving gadgets discovered whilst riding out the under-graduate storm.  

And even though we can’t promise these tools will feed you, we can guarantee that they’ll save you time and hassle.  Fear not - the technological universe is on your side!


1.    Canon PIXMA MG2450 All-in-One Printer


Scenario: your essay is due in and you’ve got half an hour to get it printed and submitted.  Your friends are in the library and they’re panicking because there’s a mad rush for the printers.  

Solution: if you’re cutting it close to the deadline and don’t want the stress of queuing for a printer in the busy library, having your own all-in-one printer can be a blessing!  The Canon PIXMA MG2450 is a seriously economical and compact all-rounder, with a scanner and copier too.

Where to buy: 
Printer – Amazon, £25.99 (and FREE UK delivery!)
Printer + High speed USB + Ink cartridge – Amazon, £42.34

2.    Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook and Evernote app


Scenario: you've  forgotten your laptop and have a lecture in 15 minutes.  You prefer digital notes but have no time to collect your PC and dread the thought of having to spend time typing up hand written scrawl later on tonight.  

Solution: the Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine are the first paper notebooks specifically designed for users who prefer digitized versions of handwritten notes!  Simply handwrite your notes in your paper notebook and using the FREE Evernote app, take a picture of the page – you’ll have converted, digitized notes in moments.

Where to buy: 
Notebook - Moleskine, £23.50 (+ £3.20 delivery)
App – iTunes/Google Play  FREE

3.    WD My Passport Ultra 1TB 

Scenario: your laptop is glitchy and you’ve got super urgent deadlines approaching.  There are a tonne of notes and documents you need to refer to over the coming weeks.  It looks like the library computers are your only option and you need a safe and secure way to backup your extensive collection of files!

Solution: the compact My Passport Ultra 1TB from WD is the perfect way of carrying around your files and keeping backups of all of your work.  Simply plug it into your USB port, copy the files across and you’re good to go!

Where to buy:
WD, £29.99 (and FREE standard delivery)

4.    Kobo Touch 2.0 eReader


Scenario: you’re a literature student and have 4 lectures today, each class looking at a different novel.  That’s 4 books to carry around!

Solution: the Kobo Touch 2.0 eReader is a compact and easy to use eReader – it comes with 4GB onboard memory and can store up to 3,000 books, making it every literature student’s best friend.  Better still, the Kobo Touch 2.0 is a fraction of the price compared to other eReaders on the market.

Where to buy:
WHSmith, £69.99 (and FREE UK delivery!)

5.    Masterplug surge protected extension lead power block with USB ports


Scenario: you’re getting ready for a well-deserved night out.  Spotify is on the go but your laptop needs to charge, your phone battery is a little on the low side, hair straighteners are on and all you’ve got in your room is a double wall plug socket.  It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out you’ve run out of sockets!

Solution: the Masterplug extension power block is the perfect way to have everything plugged in and on the go, without the worry that your electronics will be broken by excess power.  The space saving design is perfect in cramped spaces and Masterplug offer warranty within 3 years of purchase for extra peace of mind.

Where to buy: 
Power block – Bamford Trading, £16.49 (and FREE UK delivery!)

6.    Cookworks 6.5L Slow Cooker


Scenario: you have a deadline tomorrow and some final essay edits to do - today is packed with lectures and seminars – so it looks like you’ll be having a late one tonight!  Dinner plans need to be quick and convenient to keep you fuelled (but out of the kitchen).

Solution: the Cookworks slow cooker is a quick and easy way to make sure you stay fed.  Simply chuck your ingredients in before you leave for the day, set the temperature and look forward to a cooked meal as soon as you’re home.  Check out Buzzfeed’s 21 five-ingredient slow cooker recipes for low budget but delicious dinner ideas.

Where to buy:
Argos, £19.99 (+ £3.95 delivery or FREE collection from your local store)

7.    Sony MDR-ZX110NAB noise-cancelling headphones


Scenario: you’re trying to revise but your housemates are throwing a party.  The comfort of your own room seems more appealing than the library but the noise is driving you insane!

Solution: throw on a pair of Sony’s noise cancelling headphones for some instant relief and listen to tunes of your own while blocking out that background noise.  

Where to buy:
Currys, £29.99 (and FREE UK delivery!)


8.    Combination security lock for your laptop

Scenario: you’re in the library and need to hunt down a book or pop to the loo – but you don’t want to pack everything up, including your laptop.

Solution: a lock for your laptop may seem a little overkill on the security front but it’s a great deterrent if you need to leave your stuff for a short while.  It’s also a great way of protecting your laptop if leaving it in student accommodation.

Where to buy:
Amazon, £9.99 (and FREE UK delivery!)


9.    Challenge Flex Commuter Bike


Scenario: you live a little too far to walk to your campus, but not far enough to catch a bus or public transport.  

Solution: the Challenge commuter bike is perfect for travelling to and from campus as it neatly folds away meaning you can store it with ease.  Plus, think of the money you’ll save on buses over 3 years!

Where to buy:
Argos, £99.99 (+ £3.95 delivery or FREE collection from your local store)

10.    Clocky alarm clock


Scenario: you’ve pulled a few all-nighters and you’re exhausted but have important revision sessions to attend in the lead up to exams.  You’re notorious for sleeping through alarms and need an efficient ‘wake me up’.

Solution: the Clocky alarm clock is perfect for non-morning people.  After one snooze this alarm clock rolls and leaps (up to 3 ft!) off your bedside table and hides (all the while making noise) until you wake up and hunt it down to silence it.  Cute, right?

Where to buy:
Nanda Home, £29 (approx..) (+ £15 shipping from the US)

Let us know your favourite university gadgets in the comment section below!

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