Cute Homemade Indoor Garden Ideas

Cute Homemade Indoor Garden Ideas

Bringing the outdoors in

Let’s face it – this summer has been the worst ever.  Britain has been showered with sheet after sheet of rain and we’ve seen flooding in the most random of areas because of it.  Spending time in the garden has been a little difficult as a result but we’ve seen some fabulous ideas that bring the outdoors in.

If your green fingers are twitching these may well be the very cure, so check out our top 6 homemade indoor garden ideas…

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1.  Indoor terrariums

These ridiculously tiny little gardens require little maintenance and look absolutely amazing.  The fun of it is, you can make them yourself – all you need is a simple kit.


2.  Fresh herb wall planter

Fancy some practical, fresh foliage in the kitchen?  There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly grown herbs and to create this look all you’ll need is a few simple materials and some know how.


3.  Repurposed tea cups

Got any chipped teacups laying around that you can’t bear to part with?  They make fantastic make-shift plant pots so try repurposing them for a pretty indoor plant solution.  Even if you don’t own any teacups you’re bound to find a cheap set in your local charity shop.


4.  Light bulb vases

If you thought the terrarium was cute you’ll lose your mind over these.  Instead of throwing blown bulbs away, hang on to them and create these stunning little vases.


5.  Egg heads

This one is great fun for the kids.  Who knew that a simple egg could become a little garden?  And if you don’t fancy little goggley eyes peering at you, simply opt for plain white.


6.  Tin can planters

Take an old tin can, give it a wash, cover it in some pretty (ideally water resistant) decorative wrapping, add soil and a herb of your choice.  Done!  You have a beautiful little herb planter ready to go.
If you fancy having a go at any of these we’d love to see them!  Simply tweet us a picture @Safestoreltd or share it with us on Facebook.

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