​5 tips for storing your fishing tackle

​5 tips for storing your fishing tackle

How to organise your fishing tackle

Many keen anglers will know that National Fishing Month is approaching; fisheries across the UK will be hosting events from the 21st July to 3rd September to encourage all members of the family to get out by the lakes.  Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been fishing since you could hold a rod, people of all experience levels will be able to find an event locally to take part in.

Inspired by the upcoming angling bonanza we decided to put together a list of our 5 favourite ideas for storing fishing tackle.  We do love storage after all!

1.  Organizers 

Don’t fancy spending a bomb on fancy storage containers?  Look no further – Wilko offer incredible storage boxes for a fraction of the price. 


2.  Tool boxes 

Perfect for tools and fishing tackle, tool boxes make a great alternative to some of the expensive branded containers.


3.  DIY fishing rod storage rack 

There’s no need for shop bought storage when you can make your own!  It could be a fun project for you and the kids over the summer holidays!


4.  All-in-one cabinet 

Keep things neat, tidy and accessible in one nifty cabinet!  These cabinets are super swanky but don’t have to cost a bomb with some savvy online browsing.  Better still if you’re feeling like a weekend of carpentry you could probably make something yourself with a bit of know how!


5.  Hook organising 

Keep all of your hooks in one place by simply using a safety pin!  They’re super easy to handle when stored like this so you’re at less risk of impaling yourself which is definitely a bonus,
So there you have it – fishing storage can be cheap and easy if you know where to look.  As the summer holidays approach it might be fun to enlist the kids in a homemade fishing DIY project.  With a bit of wood and some health and safety guidance who knows what wonders you could create!

If you decide to embark on any projects of your own or have any other handy tips for fishing tackle storage, we’d love to hear from you. Simply leave us a comment below!

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Fishing Rod | 22 September 2017 at 06:06 PM
Thanks for your excellent essential information about BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO TACKLE MANAGEMENT.
I have few suggest about it.


After deciding on a tackle box or bag, it's time to sort and store tackle based on type and size. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Group tackle for the same fish species together in the same tray or container

Next, organize lures based on what they do. For example, put largemouth bass crankbaits on the right side of a tray, minnowbaits in the middle, and topwaters on the left.

Keep soft-plastic baits of the same color together in containers or bags as mixing can cause colors to bleed

Some soft-plastic chemicals can eat-away at lure and jig paint; separate baits to prevent damage

Use trays and utility boxes with small compartments to store hooks, sinkers, floats, and other small terminal tackle

Adjust tray dividers to match lure size and maximize storage space

Choose clear plastic lids to make it easy to see what's inside a container

Use labels to identify container contents

Close and lock boxes and trays when not in use to prevent items from falling out in the event of an accidental tip-over

Always open and dry out wet gear after an outing to prevent tackle from rusting
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