Safestore Bury are taking charity support to new heights

Safestore Bury are taking charity support to new heights

Safestore Employee Jennie takes on the Peel Abseil Challenge (again)

Here at Safestore we support over 100 individual charities, many of which require space for merchandise or stock.  By donating as much free space as we possibly can, we have been able to alleviate costs that can be spent on the causes that really matter. 

But our Bury team are taking their support one step further…by abseiling down Peel Tower in Holcombe!  The tower, built in memory of Sir Robert Peel, stands at a whopping 128ft tall and overlooks stunning views of Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales. 


The charity – Annabelle’s Challenge

Annabelle’s Challenge is the UK’s leading charity for vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (vascular EDS).  Focused on raising awareness, helping to aid early diagnosis and preventing misdiagnosis of the rare condition, the charity also provides support to patients and family affected by the condition.

Vascular EDS can affect children, men and women of any race or ethnic group.  Extremely rare, the condition frequently goes undiagnosed as many medical professionals will not have seen someone with the condition in their career.  It is a life threatening condition which affects all bodily tissues, arteries and organs, making people with the condition extremely fragile. 
I can’t even climb a ladder!

The charity was started by Annabelle Griffin’s parents when she was diagnosed with the syndrome at just three years old.  Jennie, assistant manager at Safestore Bury, has developed a wonderful relationship with the charity and despite her fear of climbing ladders, is looking to complete the abseil for the second year in a row.

A worthy cause

Peel Tower Abseil Certificate
Jennie and a team of three others raised a very respectable £355 in 2015, overcoming their fear of heights and completing an abseil that would make the bravest of soul’s quake in their boots.  Afraid of standing on step ladders (let alone a tower measuring just under 40 metres tall), Jennie was particularly fearful and spent a good fifteen minutes freaking out at the top of the tower.
I’m trying to reduce my freak out time this year – from fifteen minutes to thirteen.  It’ll probably be fourteen and a half though

First time abseilers receive their training at the top of the tower whilst teetering over the edge and the only way is down.  Jennie and her team completed the abseil in no time at all (minus the mild hysteria before descending) and seem to have caught the bug as they’re taking part again this year!

How to take part

If adrenaline is your thing and you’d like to soak up some amazing views whilst dangling your derriere over a stunning British landmark, simply fill out a form on the charity website and start fundraising!

Alternatively, if you’d like to help out but don’t fancy the jaw dropping descent, Jennie has started a Just Giving donations page and would be grateful for any donations, big or small, to help her to beat last year’s total.  Every donation goes to a worthy cause and could change the lives of patients and their families.

If you, or anyone you know has ever taken part in the Annabelle’s Challenge abseil, we’d love to see some pictures!  Tag us @safestoreltd on Instagram or on Facebook.

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