9 Back to School Storage Ideas

9 Back to School Storage Ideas

Back to School Organization and Storage Ideas

Congratulations to all you parents and carers for surviving the summer holidays.  The first few weeks of school holidays are great; spending more time with your kids, no school run, sleeping in, pyjama days, catching up with friends and family and days out. 

However, as the weeks go by we start to crave the return of school in September, wanting routine back, the end to juggling work and childcare and a break from being your kid(s) social planner. 

Nonetheless, with the return of school a need to become a bit more organised rears its ugly head again.
Every year we set out to be a bit more organised and start out with the best intentions but it tends to slide as the year goes on.  

Mornings can be very stressful if we’re not organised; mad searches for matching socks, homework, PE kits or any other part of their uniform they've lost.  You develop a mantra or a derivative of repeatedly saying ‘Breakfast, Uniform, Hair, Teeth, Shoes’ and begin to hate the sound of your own voice.

Hopefully a few of these Back to School Storage Ideas will help take a bit of stress out of your mornings. Especially if you’ve been up all night as they’ve sprung on you they need a fancy dress outfit for World Book Day first thing in the morning.

1) Newsletter Storage

Magnetic Bull Dog Clip

Luckily, for the environment the majority of school letters are now electronic.  However, it is rather useful having a hard copy on hand to refer back to.  Otherwise, you may find yourself lost on the school website trying to remember which newsletter had that crucial bit of information you needed.  They're also useful for keeping party invites in case you forget which skate park you need to be at on the weekend.

2) Rucksack Storage

Rucks Sack Storage Ideas

We all know how important it is to check our kids’ school bags each day because if we don't there is a chance we’re going to miss some important correspondence from the school or worse you’re going to find a lunch that's been in there for some time. There is nothing worse than a rotting banana.  Blech!  These hooks make it easy to hang up their bag in the first place and if they're in a prominent position you’re more likely to remember to have a look.

3) Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage Wicker BasketOh the irony!  Firstly, why do kids need so many pairs of shoes (PE, Wellies, Winter Boots, Trainers, Plimsolls, etc) for school?  We've all lost valuable minutes of our lives hunting for a missing shoe or two. This basket would make it easy for your kids to deposit their shoes in when they come through the front door, rather than leaving them on the kitchen table, whilst increasing your chances of finding them again in the morning.

4) Toiletry Storage 

Storage Baskets for toiletriesKeep everything your kids need to get ready in the morning toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, lotions and deodorants together.  Saves searching behind the sofa for a missing tangle teaser.

5) Lunch Packing Station

Lunch Packing StationThis mum is a pure genius!  Save loads of time and stress looking for a missing Tupperware lid or the sandwich bags by having everything you need to make lunches in one place.

6) Storage Pods

Colourful Storage PodsIt is a bit early for this but winter will be here before we know it, people are already posting about Christmas on Facebook.  However, hats, scarves and mittens seem to be the easiest things to lose.   These gorgeous Storage Pods look perfect, you could have one for each member of your family, hang them in the hallway and house their winter accessories.

7) Pants, Socks and Tights

Pants and Sock Drawer OrganiserHands up if you have a laundry basket that is full of odd socks.  This drawer organisers will make it easier for your kids to find their socks and pants in the morning, give you a chance to notice if they're running low and save you tearing through the laundry basket bleary-eyed trying to find a match without holes.

8) Tie Storage

This is a simple but genius solution to storing your kid’s ties.  Simply buy a pack of shower curtain rings from the Pound Store, thread them onto a coat hanger and voilà!  Instant storage for all those ties, also works a treat with tights as well.
Tie Storage Shower Curtain Rings

9) Laundry Storage

Laundry Basket Sorting StorageThis may be a pipe dream but if there is some way we can get our kids to sort their clothes before putting them in the laundry basket which could save you 5-10 minutes a day.  We do appreciate this is quite a challenge as getting them to pick them off the floor in the first place is difficult enough.


So these are our Back to School Storage Ideas. We’d love to hear yours as well, so please do tell us by leaving a comment below.

And once they start brining home school work you may need some inspiration on how to store it all.  

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