​11 Home Office Ideas Inspired by Mad Men

​11 Home Office Ideas Inspired by Mad Men

Retro themed office décor

Anyone who’s seen Mad Men will have lusted after at least one aspect of Don Draper’s life.  Whether it’s his job, his wife or his charming good looks, the guy has it pretty good and as retro themed décor is making a comeback, there’s at least one thing you can recreate; his office style.

1960s furniture is both beautiful and made to last so luckily for us we’re still able to enjoy some of it.  Even if we can’t buy the real deal, there are some incredible remakes available!

1. High end retro

Perfect for an office bar, or more appropriate office paraphernalia if you must, the sideboard is an integral part of any 1960s inspired room. 

2. Teak chic

Retro Teak Shelves
Teak was the wood of the decade and gives an instant 60s vibe.  These shelves combine beauty and practicality!

3. High street

Retro Desk
There’s no need to splurge thousands on office furniture if it’s just the look you’re after.  This desk is affordable and rocks the 60s vibe.

4. Swivel chair


How are you supposed to come up with mind blowing ideas without a swivel chair?  It’s an essential part of any office!

5. Floor lamp

You’ll need decent lighting for late nights in the office so why not opt for some decadent marble?

6. Rotary dial phone

Nothing beats a retro phone, even though we’re used to the modern features of smart phones these days.  If the lack of apps scares you, this could make a lovely decorative feature.

7. Record player

If you like to work with music in the background this gorgeous 1960’s style record player is just the ticket.  Don’t be alarmed though – you can play CDs and MP3 on this thing!

8. Wall paper

Should you wish to take your 1960’s office overhaul to the extreme, this wallpaper is everything you’ll need.  A feature wall is all you’d need for a full on Draper-esque work space.

9. Art print

No office is complete without some artwork.  Mark Rothko was a popular artist in the 60s, noted for his abstract expressionist works.

10. Geometric rug

Verner Panton style rugs are a fantastic way of adding 60s glamour to an office space.

11. Desktop globe

If you’re planning world domination what could be handier than a map?  Globes were all the rage in the 60s so add an extra touch to inspired office spaces.
So there it is – 11 ways to turn your office from drab to Draper! Let us know if you have any other inspiring ideas as we’d love to hear them.

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