​Self storage and disability

​Self storage and disability

Is Self Storage Accessible?

If you’re looking for a self storage unit, have a disability and are worried about whether you’ll be able to access one of our facilities, we’ll do our best to ensure that you can access reception, the loading bay(s) and will have a toilet to use. 

This is a little easier with our newly built stores which are all equipped with wheelchair access, but we’ve done our best with our older properties to make them as accessible as possible.

Disabled parking


All of our stores with parking have a dedicated disabled parking space which are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair traffic to and from the car.  They’ll also be as close as possible to reception and clearly signposted.


The doors to the storage units vary in size; we do have some that would not be suitable for wheelchairs as they’re only 750 mm wide but the majority are usually over 900mm which is wider than the recommended width of 830mm for wheelchair users.  Our larger units also tend to have double opening doors which exceed the recommend width.

Disabled Storage Room

Historically, all of our stores had a dedicated room on the ground floor for people with disabilities.  This is not always the case now depending on the demand.  However, if you have a disability that will restrict your access to upper or lower floors, please do make this clear to our team and they’ll do everything possible to accommodate you.

“I needed help at short notice and the guys at Safestore went beyond what other storage companies offered. I had spoken to other storage companies and none of them helped me as much as Safestore. Being of ill health and a wheelchair user this was the help I needed and was a great relief. Many thanks.”


Our corridors were designed to be accessed with trolleys which are fairly wide, approximately 1200mm, so wheelchair access should not be an issue.  The floors tend to be concrete and relatively smooth.  On the rare occasion you come across carpet and it’s an issue, do let us know and we’ll endeavour to find a solution for you.


All of our stores with multiple floors have (goods) lifts which you’re welcome to use; they are more than wide enough for a wheelchair to access.


Each store has a dedicated disabled toilet with an outward opening or sliding door and should be clearly sign-posted from reception.  If you’re in doubt just ask our friendly team.


Routes from reception to lifts, stairs and toilets are clearly signposted and our team actively remove any temporary obstructions. Desks in reception are a suitable and accessible height and there is ample seating in our reception areas in case you find there’s a short wait to speak to the team.

We hope that this has eased any of your worries about being able to access our Self Storage facilities. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

However, to allow us to best support you we would greatly appreciate it if you can inform of us of any disabilities at time of booking.

If you are unfamiliar with how 'Self Storage works' this short animation may be useful.



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