A Guide to Moving House and Relocating

A Guide to Moving House and Relocating

A comprehensive guide to moving

Whether you're moving for a new job or need a bigger, reasonably priced home for your growing family, relocating is notoriously hard work. To make the process less stressful we’ve put together a guide to help make moving house more exciting - and hopefully less overwhelming.

Deciding to relocate

Moving to a new area or city is a big commitment and an even bigger change to your lifestyle.  Along with a new area you’ll have to get to know new people and start a new job (if you haven’t already), all of which can be daunting.  Start your relocation plans early by considering the following:

> Location
Where are you relocating to?  Once you’ve decided, take a look at what will be your new surroundings and make yourself familiar with the area.  Check out schools, transport links, shops and local amenities to help picture your new life there.  Once you’ve got a better understanding of where you’ll be living, the move will be exciting rather then daunting.

> Finances
Work out the cost of your move and make sure you have enough money to relocate.  Your biggest outlays will be stamp duty and estate agency fees; a moving cost calculator can help you work out how much your move might end up costing you. 

Before you move

If you've found your new home it's time to start planning!  Once your offer has been accepted you'll have a lot to do and although some factors are out of your hands it will help no end to be prepared and organised.  Start by downloading our moving house checklist to help you get organised before the big day.

Other things to think about before you move:

> Get a Conveyancing Solicitor
When you buy your new property you’ll need to carry out conveyancing and make sure all the legalities have been sorted early on to ensure a smooth transaction of your sale/purchase.  Nearer the time, you’ll also need to have a Chartered Surveyor inspect your new property prior to your move to let you know of its structural condition.

> Organise your belongings
Once the contracts have been exchanged and a moving date has been agreed you’ll need to appoint your removals company.  It won’t do any harm to plan out what items need to be packed first (and last) and where they will go in your new property.  This means when it comes to actually packing, you’ll be able to put your items into the right boxes in double the speed.

> Compare removals quotes
Find out what different removals services are offering and compare the prices to ensure you get the best deal. You might even want to consider exploring self-storage, a great option if you want to stagger unpacking rather than moving all in one go.

Removals van filled with moving boxes

During the move

Moving day is an emotional one, filled with both excitement and apprehension. Be ready for your removal company and say goodbye to your old property before you move to your new home.  There are a few extra things you can do to reduce stress:

> Pack your moving day supplies
Keep everything you might need for the first few days together in one box. That way you can take your time unpacking and on the day of your move, you’ll have a few essential items that you can access with ease.

> Communicate with the removal company
Once you’ve arrived at your new property, liaise with your removal company to make sure they know exactly which room the boxes will be going to.  

> Prepare refreshments
Moving house is thirsty work and you’ll be surprised to find how quickly you start to feel peckish. Make sure you have a meal prepared so you don’t have the hassle of cooking and keep the kettle to hand – a cup of tea on moving day will go a long way for both you and your removals team!

After the move

After months of planning and hard work you’ll finally be in your new home and now it’s time to enjoy it.  After a busy moving day you can start to relax with your family and friends to celebrate the big occasion.   Don’t try to unpack everything all at once - complete each room one by one and take your time so you can make the most of being in your new home.  Take the time to enjoy our new surroundings and remember why you decided to move; you’ll feel settled in no time!

Couple celebrate their new home

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