7 Cute Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas

7 Cute Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas
Christmas can be an expensive time of year; seeing friends and family, buying food, presents and decorations all adds up!  If you're keen to keep costs down and stick to a budget, the key is preparation and planning.  With some careful consideration, presents for the extended family and friends needn't be costly.    

Check out these cute homemade gift ideas and if you'd like to have a go yourself, click on the image source for further instructions!

1. Homemade body scrub

This is perfect for friends and family who love a bit of a pamper!

Body scrub
Image source: Pinterest

2. Hot chocolate kits.  

These jars are perfect for chocolate lovers.  Better still you can change the contents to suit whoever you're giving them to - curry lovers, baking enthusiasts - the list is endless!

Christmas jars
Image source: Pinterest

3. Salted caramel bites.

Proof that heaven on earth exists, these bites are delicious!

salted caramel bites.JPG
Image source: Good House Keeping

4. Infused tipples.

What could be easier than sticking a few botanicals in a bottle of plonk?  Nothing!

Infused vodkas
Image source: Good House Keeping

5. Christmas posters.

Mix up a range of Christmas phrases or even something entirely personal for this lovely, homely gift.

Christmas posters
Image source: Homemade Gifts Made Easy

6. DIY tile coasters.

Cute, practical and the design possibilities are endless!

Image source: Homemade Gifts Made Easy

7. Money origami.

If you find it easier to give money but wan't to 'jazz' it up a bit, try these incredible origami techniques!

Money origami
Image source: Homemade Gifts Made Easy


If you've got any suggestions you'd like to add to our list you can do so by leaving a comment below!

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