9 Stunning Decoupage Ideas

9 Stunning Decoupage Ideas

Why buy new when you can decoupage?

Decoupage is a fantastic way of breathing life back into old household items without spending an absolute fortune.  Better still it’s quite literally cutting and sticking so with the right materials, anyone can do it!  If you’ve got an old chest of drawers you’d like to zhoosh up (zhoosh is a word, we promise!) or some storage boxes in need of a refresh, decoupage is the perfect cheap and easy option.

1. Flower pots
These wallpaper decoupage flower pots are perfect for your home and garden.  They’d look lovely in the kitchen as a utensil pot or stunning in the garden with some fresh herbs.

Wallpaper Decoupage Flower Pots
Image source: FaveCrafts

2. Mirror
Turn a boring old mirror into a Cath Kidston style masterpiece. 

Decoupage mirror
Image source: Carolina Designs

3. Coffee table
This is a project that will require a little dedication but the beauty of it is, once you’ve finished you’ll end up with a completely unique piece of furniture that no one else in the world has!  

Decoupage round table
Image source: HGTV

4. Globe
Turn a globe into a themed masterpiece by adding cut outs of something you love.  Perfect for the home office or the kids’ bedrooms you can choose any theme you like!

Decoupage globe
Image source: anthologymag.com

5. Chair
If you’ve got old tatty chairs in the garage this is a fantastic way of turning them into something fresh and new.  

Decoupage chair
Image source: swarmhome.com

6. Chest of drawers
Distressed, vintage style draws with decoupage features?  Yes please!

Decoupage chest of drawers
Image source: thesnug.com

7. Photo frames
You can completely personalise frames to match the pictures going inside them.  These would make fantastic gifts for friends and family.

Decoupage photo frame
Image source: Etsy

8. Wall art
This is a super stylish way of bringing some colour into your home. 

Chevron Art
Image source: Lia Griffith

9. …eggs!
We admit, this one is a little obscure, but decoupage eggs truly are beautiful!  Perfect for Easter decorations or with a little more effort (and some toothpicks and nylon thread) you can hang your eggs.

Decoupage eggs
Image source: Julia Usher

We’d love to see some creative decoupage ideas so take a photo and tag us on Instagram @safestoreltd!

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