Foodbanks: What to Give

Foodbanks: What to Give
In 2016 foodbanks received significant press coverage up and down the UK as the number of people living in abject poverty has sadly risen.  According to Trussel Trust, a poverty charity which oversees more than 400 foodbanks, over 23% of people using foodbanks are being forced to do so due to low income and this number has grown in recent years.  

Safestore currently donate storage to four of the trust’s 428 foodbanks, all based in London boroughs.  The UK’s capital is amongst some of the worst affected areas, even in ‘posh’ parts of the city like Kensington which recently saw a surge in use.  

Speaking to Dan, a volunteer at Trussel Trust’s Wandsworth foodbank, we wanted to find out what items are in demand but aren’t often donated.

Q. Do you provide anything besides food?

A. Yes, as well as food our Foodbank provides people with basic toiletries – so donations of shower gel, deodorant, toilet roll (2 and 4 packs are great!), toothpaste, washing up liquid and laundry tablets are always very welcome! 

Q. Are there any food items you receive in abundance?

A. In terms of the food, we find we always have loads of dry pasta, baked beans and pulses/kidney beans. So if you’re ever thinking of donating to a foodbank it’s best to avoid those things! 

Q. Are there any food items you’d like to see more of?

A. We are often running low on long-life fruit juice and pasta sauce. 

Q. How can people find out what you need most?

A. We always keep the Wandsworth foodbank website updated with the things most needed at any one time.

Helping in other ways

If you'd like to help the Trussel Trust foodbanks beyond donating food, check out their website.  There are plenty of ways to get involved from their Tea for Trussel parties to skydiving!  Better still, if you've got the time and dedication you can start your own foodbank to help those in your local area. Click here to find out more.

Discover more charity articles on Safestore’s blog where you’ll find a range of interviews from our partners up and down the country as well as partner events.  Or, if you’re looking to get a storage quote we have a range of self storage options in over 100 locations – find your nearest store today.

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