​The Great British Taste-Off

​The Great British Taste-Off
It’s the most wonderful time of the year and what do we Brits love more than anything else during the festive period?  Food!  It comes in all glorious shapes, sizes, flavours and colours, although sometimes our seasonal snacks can become tiresome and boring. We found the perfect solution in the form of London street food.

These culinary connoisseurs operate in some of the tiniest spaces, dishing out delicious meals to the hungry public. Highlighting how truly great things can come in small packages, these savvy chefs have developed staple dishes that the locals and tourists have come to love. Working in this way allows street food vendors to enter into a very competitive market with less barriers than owning a brick and mortar restaurant.

The Roadery

Website: www.roaderyfood.com
Location: The Roadery can be found at Bishops Gate, Kings Cross Kerb, Camden Market, across London and UK based events and markets
Staple dish: Flat iron steak and wild mushroom sandwich
About: Do one thing, and do it right! That’s the motto The Roadery operate under, obtaining all of their produce locally, organically or through foraging. The sourcing of ingredients is of the upmost importance to these guys, offering top quality and a small but consistent menu to their adoring following.

Burger Bear

Website: www.burgerbearuk.com
Location: Burger Bear can be found at The Magic Roundabout at Old Street Underground across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: Grizzly Bear


About: Specialising in a handful of mouth-watering burgers and a home-made sauce referred to as ‘Burger Jam’, these guys prove that they’re smarter than the average bear. Following on from a successful £36k Kickstarter campaign to make a permanent mark on London, these local favourites are heralded as some of the best burgers around!

Club Mexicana

Website: www.clubmexicana.com
Location: Club Mexicana can be found at Hawker House in Canada Water, Kings Cross Kerb and across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: BBQ Jackfruit Burrito

About: Born out of a love for proper good vegan food, which lacks on the existing London street food market, Club Mexicana operates under the passion to show how exciting vegan food can be! Replacing meat with pulled jackfruit and pilling on the flavourful guacamole is enough to turn any meat eater into a self-confessed vegan food fan!


Website: www.eatpoke.co.uk
Location: Poke can be found at Kings Cross Kerb and across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: Sunshine Pot
About: Poke believes in consistency. Offering a tasty dish that will have people coming back again and again is the key ingredient to entering and remaining in the street food arena. Doing something different or unique will lead to more opportunities and Poke do just that. An LA inspired twist on traditional Hawaiian fish dishes brings a refreshing bite to the London street food scene.

White Men Can’t Jerk

Website: www.whitemencantjerk.com
Location: White Men Can’t Jerk can be found at Hawker House in Canada Water, The Magic Roundabout at Old Street Underground across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: It’s a Wing Ting AKA crispy coated, Red Stripe poached chicken wings covered in a very special WMCJ sauce of chilli, herbs, spices and honey.

About: Homemade BBQ chicken is the perfect winter warmer to pick you up from the current bleak weather. Coated in a seasoning with perfectly balanced spices, chilli and honey, these enormous wings are the best you can get, shy of a quick flight to the Caribbean!

Liberty Cheesesteak Company

Website: www.cheesesteaks.co.uk
Locations: Liberty Cheesesteak Company can be found at Spitalfields Market, Moorgate and across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

About: It may be a long way from home, but the Philly Cheesesteak is the crowning glory of its namesake and simply could not be replicated by the British. True to form, the massive hoagies are packed to the gills with rib eye steak, crispy fried onions and slathered in homemade cheese whizz. This taste of the stateside is the perfect alternative to the standard soggy British burger van offerings.

Sticky Bundits

Website: www.stickybundits.com
Location: The Sticky Bundits can be found at Hampstead Market and Chatsworth Road Market and across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: Okonomi-YUMMY burger
About: When the decision between sushi and a burger just cannot be made, opt for both with these ingeniously stacked sushi-burgers. Switching out the regular burger bun for sesame infused rice cakes and stuffed to the brim with spiced chicken thighs and dripping with Okonomiyaki sauce, Kewpie mayo and pickled ginger, these eastern inspired burgers provide the perfect solution to your dinner dilemma.

Hanoi Kitchen

Website: www.hanoikitchen.co.uk
Location: Hanoi Kitchen can be found at Kings Cross, West India Quay, Broadway Market and across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: Bun (rice noodle) pots

About: Hanoi Kitchen are twisting up the traditionally bland tofu taste with spicy honey and embedding it in Vermicelli noodles with pickled carrots, lettuce, coriander, mint, Thai basil, peanuts, crispy shallots and nuoc cham. With inspiration taken from trips to the streets of Hanoi and the age old learnings from working with local traders, these friendly guys serve up tasty Vietnamese lunchtime treats from their jolly little red truck.

Blu Top Ice Cream

Website: www.blutopicecream.com
Location: Blu Top Ice Cream can be found at Camden Market in the West Yard and across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: Ice Cream Sandwich
About: Forget your standard jolly ice cream truck, Blu Top are serving up the ultimate in customisable treats. Two homemade chewy cookies sandwiching a heap of rich ice cream that comes in a plethora of colours and tastes including ‘Brown Toast and Jam’ – a concoction of brown sugar ice cream with ribbons of raspberry jam and crispy cinnamon rye bread crumbs and ‘Caboose’ - milk chocolate ice cream with toasted almonds and homemade vanilla marshmallow sauce. This happy little van is dishing out some of the most delectable dessert perfected by skills and techniques adopted from time spent in the USA.

Crosstown Doughnuts

Website: www.crosstowndoughnuts.com
Location: Crosstown can be found at Spitalfields Market, Soho, Shoreditch and across London and UK based events and markets.
Staple dish: Sourdough Doughnuts

About: Crosstown Doughnuts have combined thick and soft sourdough with both seasonal and staple flavours that put a spin on some of the greatest and unique flavours. Chia Tea, Black Forest, Beetroot Lemon-Thyme and Apricot and Lavender make up some of the more quirky options. For those seeking a more classic coffee accompaniment; Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Jam and a Tongan Vanilla Bean Glazed are available along with a festive Mince Pie flavoured doughnut, topped with a brandy butter glaze. Crosstown Doughnuts have taken the humble doughnut and turned it on its head, dishing them out daily from vintage vans around the city.

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