​How to Get Dressed in the Morning (Video)

​How to Get Dressed in the Morning (Video)
As January is the month of organising we've teamed up with Melanie Wall of Styled by Mel based in St Albans, Herts, who is going to teach us in 4 easy steps how to get dressed every morning without the stress and panic of 'I've got nothing to wear'.


Ok, so I’m not suggesting you need assistance with putting your socks on or tucking your blouse into your jeans. And neither am I assuming that you’re a complete novice at this getting dressed malarkey and turn up at work without your skirt on. Yes, I know it happened once, but that was an exceptional circumstance - those train doors can be very snappy on a Monday morning!

For clarity, I think it’s important to identify the three types of people that might struggle with getting dressed in the morning.

They are:

A) those with not many clothes in their wardrobe
B) those with lots of clothes in their wardrobe
C) and those who fit somewhere in-between A & B

Basically, any of us can have a hissy fit when deliberating what to put on. Mornings are busy and time critical so it only takes a frosty car or a missing shoe, to give us less time to choose an outfit thus turning us into a huge ball of stress – and a half-dressed one at that!

My aim with this post is to make the whole ‘what am I going to wear?’ morning panic, less stressful.

There are two options:

1) Wear the same outfit every day of the week.
You may laugh, but it’s a ‘thing’. Steve Jobs was famous for his daily uniform of Levi’s, black turtleneck and New Balance trainers. That’s not actually true; he was famous for inventing a very clever computer - if it was just the outfit that made him rich and famous, then Kim Kardashian could have saved herself a whole lot of trouble! Mark Zuckerberg and Karl Lagerfeld are also fans of wearing the same ‘uniform’ every day.

However, for most women I know, whether they’re avid followers of fashion or not, they don’t want to wear the same thing, day in, day out. So, that leaves option two.

2) Plan your daily outfits

We plan for other aspects of our lives all the time. Take, for example, the weekly food shop. We decide what we’re going to eat for the week, write a list and go buy it.

The approach for planning your outfits needn’t be that different - though I would suggest you choose clothes that are already in your wardrobe rather than buy 7 complete new outfits each weekend!

So, put aside half an hour, or an hour if you can, to spend some quality time with your wardrobe and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!
“A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content”


Step 1

Think about what your week involves per day - this will help you choose clothes on a practical level. For example, my Fridays in the office are always super busy and I’m up and down the stairs like a yoyo.
FridayOpt.jpgTherefore, I would opt for:-
• flat, comfy shoes or trainers
• a lightweight top so I don’t overheat
• and a tailored pair of trousers to keep the look smart

That’s one day sorted – 6 to go! Or just 4 days to plan for if you’ve decided to stay indoors wearing pyjamas every weekend until Spring arrives (I’m tempted!)  

Step 2

Go through each day in exactly the same way and pull out the clothes and lay them on your bed.

Step 3

Try on each outfit to make sure it works and that you like it - if you skip this step now, you run the risk of finding out it looks awful two seconds before you need to leave the house, or worse still, in the mirror at work!  

Step 4

Finally, take a picture on your phone of each outfit – each photo will act as a daily reminder of what you’re going to put on. You don’t have to take a picture of yourself wearing it as that can be a faff, just lay the clothes out on the bed and take a quick snap. That’s it!  

5 Bonus Tips

Now, because I like you, here are 5 more tips to help you plan your weekly outfits:

1. Don’t let a commute or the school run dictate your outfit choices. You may opt for a skanky pair of trainers if you’re walking in all weathers, but you can pop your snazzy heels into your bag to change into once your little darlings have been safely dropped off.

2. If, for example, you only have one black jumper that needs to be worn twice in a week with different bottoms, space the outfits out, i.e. Monday and Thursday, just in case you need to wash the jumper between each wear.

3. Maybe you want to wear the same outfit twice in a week? No matter, just wear them at opposite ends of the week or disguise the same outfit by adding a scarf. accessorisingstyledbymel-(1).jpg4. And to make your clothes work harder for you, try and get as much wear out of all the
clothes you own and mix things up a bit. For example, that really nice suit that you only save for important meetings – wear the skirt and jacket as separates and create some different outfits. Just remember to dry clean them both at the same time to keep the colour matching.
jeansdressstyledbymel.jpg5. If you’re going out straight from work or have little time to get changed, think about how
you can easily transform your current outfit without having to completely change. Often it’s as simple as adding accessories like a silver or gold clutch bag and a pair of heels. Another good trick that’s on trend at the moment is wearing jeans under a dress. This is a nice daytime look but if you whip the jeans off, you’re ready for the cocktail bar!
What a feeling!

By the end of your one-to-one with your wardrobe, you will know exactly what you’re putting on every morning of the week – and trust me, it’s a good feeling. 7daysofclothesstyledbymelopt.jpgDon’t fancy doing it every week, though? Then wear it all again the week after.

You’re welcome!


We'd love to see some of your chosen outfits so do tag us on instagram @safestoreltd 


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