Another Year...No More Mince Pies

Another Year...No More Mince Pies
Here at Safestore the head office team love all things sweet and delicious. Our snack table is often laden (heaving, in fact) with cakes and treats therefore you can only begin to imagine what it looks like at Christmas.

Inspired by our love of festive delights we decided to do something useful with our snack eating prowess. A team of mince pie connoisseurs took part in a pie scoring exercise, rating Britain's supermarkets from best to worst. Scored on appearance, aroma, filling flavour, pastry deliciousness and overall taste, the pies were put to the test (as was the strength of our belts).  

Without further ado we bring to you...

Safestore's 2016 Christmas Pie Off


In 7th place scoring just 34/50 the Co-op Deep Filled mince pies (at £1) tickled our fancy the least. Feedback ranged from tasteless pastry to too much coriander. Hopefully the flavours will co-op-erate better next time!  *Badum-tshhhh*

In 6th place we have Sainsbury's Deep Filled Mince Pies (at £1) which received a margarinely butter - whoops, marginally better - 36/50.  The team all agreed that the pies lacked appropriate filling levels - where's the deep filling at, Mr J?!  'Adequately filled pies' would have made for a more accurate description.

Next up, Morrison's 'The Best' Deep Filled Mince Pies (at £1.65) - certainly not the best as far as we were concerned!  They received the lowest appearance score and any mince pie aficionado knows that appearance is just as important as flavour! We scored the pies quite generously at 38.3/50 because the flavour was spot on.

In 4th place we have a tie!  Both Asda's 'Baker's Selection' mince pies (at 89p) and Tesco's 'Finest' mini mince pies (at £2) scored a whopping 40/50.  The scores are heating up! Asda's pies were not only good value (under a quid, people!) but flavoursome and well filled. Tesco's cheeky cognac kick added a decadent element to the pie game that went down a treat with our scorers.

In 3rd place with their wonderfully named 'Snowy Lodge' range we have Lidl's 12 Mini Luxury mince pies (at £1.49). Receiving 44.3/50 and an average 9.25 on taste, these pies were moreish and far too easy to scoff! They would have made for a light entry if we'd stuck to one each but opted for three to make sure the score was accurate. It's terribly important to be thorough in such a prestigious event!

We have another tie, folks!  Both Marks and Spencer's 'The Collection' mince pies (at £2.60) and Waitrose's All Butter mince pies (at £2.50) scored a huge 45.3/50. By far the best pastry and appearance, these pies were calorific heaven. The most expensive pies out of the lot, there's no skimping if you want to be in 2nd place.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Iceland's 'Baker's Selection' mince pies (at £1.50) which scored 46.7/50 - testament that 1st place isn't about breaking the bank! These pies received a 9.7 for appearance and overall taste - a major feat considering we'd all eaten millions of pies by the time we got round to sampling these bad boys. 

So there we have it folks - the 2016 results are out as our taste-testers all head to the gym to try and shed the excess pie weight. Until 2017, supermarkets of Britain!

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