Winter Wonderland Poetry Competition

Winter Wonderland Poetry Competition
We were absolutely inundated with entries for our Winter Wonderland Writing Competition, with over 200 entries in the end. A few of us in the Marketing department have been enjoying reading all of them over the last couple of days.  The calibre of poetry in all of the age groups blew us away. It really was hard to choose. Normally we would also list a few notable mentions but in this case there are far too many. 

Without further ado….

The three winners of the £30 Paperchase e-Voucher in each of the age groups are


11 years and under

Getting Dressed

Seven Stones and a Carrot,
Cold head,
Warm hat,
Cold hands,
Warm Gloves,
Cold neck,
Warm Scarf,
My freshly built Snowman said with a laugh.
By Thomas (Age 8)


12-17 years


Winter welcomes a new start

We bid adieu
To 365 days of memories
And open the door
to 365 new ones
We’re gifted with the magic
of new beginnings
Waves of nostalgia ripple through our minds
As we reminisce on the events of this year

My father gleams with brightness
As he remembers his first promotion

My mother strokes her new born
Signifying a new start

Whilst my siblings dance around the room
In a state of complete joy

And for this one moment
Everything is perfect -
It’s winter

By Asia 


18+ Years

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
‘crept a Mother, unsteady, on her third glass of Grouse.
Grumpy and frazzled with tape in her hair,
Last minute wrapping almost too much to bear.
In hope, to her husband, she pointed her head,
But snoring and useless on couch was he spread.
Flecks of mince pie still clung to his ‘tache,
And Sherry had fallen to floor with a splash.
“Right then!” she muttered “let’s get to work”,
“I can do this without help from that jerk!”
Inspired and excited, she knocked back his sherry,
Her eyes - how they twinkled! Double vision - how merry!
Dolls, new weird Furbies, Lego head to put bricks in,
On tables, on worktops, on carpet, in kitchen.
Attacking all floor space! To the top of the wall!
Now wrap away! Wrap away! Wrap away all!
Yawning, now finished, four hours left to sleep,
Before two slumbered angels awake with a leap.
She stated, “NEXT year, with all of my might”,
“will I plan it and wrap it, BEFORE this eve night!”
By Kath Taylor
The winners have been notified by email. It seems such a shame for us not to share the poems we received.  Over the next few weeks we will be compiling them into an e-Book that you can download for free. A huge thank you to everyone who joined in.

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