11 ways to reuse plastic bags

11 ways to reuse plastic bags
Whether it's stashed under the sink or in a utility cupboard, most households have a collection of plastic bags so large they could supply a supermarket for a week.  You try to remember some the next time you go shopping but forget again, and so the collection grows!

If you're fed up of the ever increasing array of plastic carrier bags, try out some of these fun DIY projects!

11 ways to upcycle your shopping bag collection...


​1. Outdoor furniture cushions

If you'd like to add a splash of colour to outdoor furniture a vibrant cushion is the way to do it.  Worried about it getting caught in the rain, though?  A simple solution is to buy a cushion cover you like and stuff it with plastic carrier bags to form the padding.  Then, if the cushions get wet, you can simply replace the stuffing and air out the cover!

Vibrant garden furniture

2. Plarn gift bag

'Plarn' is an abbreviated term for plastic yarn and forms the basis of tonnes of carrier bag crafts.  Learn how to make it here.  To learn how to make a gift bag using plarn, you can find instructions by clicking on the image below.

Gift bag

3. Plarn placemats and coasters

Perfect for using outdoors these coasters and placemats are super durable!  You can find instructions on how to make them by clicking the image below.

Plarn placemat and coaster

4. Flower pot

This stunning flower pot is easy to do and looks great once completed.  Follow Mami Made It's tutorial by clicking the image below.

Flower pot

5. Crocheted bird nest

These look super cute and offer great nests for birds.  While the instructions suggest nylon yarn, replace it with plarn for the ultimate eco-friendly bird house - click on the image for instructions.

Bird nest

6. Pendant lamp shade

This is a stunning way to reuse bags and you're guaranteed to have a totally unique light each time!

Pendant light

7. Lamp shade

This lamp shade is equally as effective and can be made using any colour scheme you fancy, provided you have the right bags.  Click on the image for instructions.

Lamp shade

8. Beads

They may look super fiddly but the technique is actually incredibly simple!  Use them for jewellery, charms and more.  Click on the image below for a super simple 'how to' guide from the Etsy New York Team.

Plastic bead watch

9. Peg Caddy

Waterproof and full of holes to let rainwater through, this is the perfect peg caddy for your washing line.  click on the image for instructions from Blessings Overflowing.

Clothespin bag

10. Plant covers

If you've got small plants in the garden that need to be kept frost free, cover them with bags during the night to keep them safe.  Love The Garden recommend removing the bags during the day to ensure they still get sunlight.

Plant cover

11. Napkin rings

These napkin rings look sophisticated yet humble and are easy to make regardless of how crafty you are.  Click on the image for step by step instructions!

Napkin rings


If you have any tips of your own, please leave us a comment below!


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