9 Bubble Wrap Crafts

9 Bubble Wrap Crafts
Bubble Wrap is a very integral part of our business, but it's such a shame to see it go to waste. We've teamed up with Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art, an award winning Arts and Crafts Blog, to give us some ideas of what to do with it once we finish using it for packing. That's if we can refrain from popping it first.

Oh bubble wrap! It is so much more than for packing & shipping breakable things. The popping the ‘bubbles’ alone is fun and entertaining. That’s just the beginning, though, there are so many other ways to recycle bubble wrap that kids will enjoy like bubble wrap crafts. Have you crafted with Bubble Wrap before? Recycled Fabric Crafts and Fabulous Cardboard Box Crafts are some of my favorites! The possibilities are truly endless! Not only is it fun, helping to recycle but it is inexpensive. Most of the time it comes in a box and you’d normally just throw it away (or pop it then throw it away), but save it and create! Here are 9 Bubble Wrap Crafts that you should add to your ‘crafting to-do list’!
9 Ideas for Crafting with Bubble Wrap
1) This Bubble Wrap Rain Cloud is an adorable and easy craft that is perfect for spring showers! Spring storms can be quite dreary, but this kids craft is anything but!

2) Have you ever pet a sheep before? Their wool coat is so thick and soft. We had to make this Bubble Wrap Puffy Sheep after the last time we went to a farm!

3) The use of bubble wrap on this Bubble Wrap Printing craft is to use it as the tool to create. How beautiful did it turn out? Such an amazing way to recycle bubble wrap!

4) In this Salt Dough Decorations the bubble wrap was also used as a tool, but for a different medium. I just love how the gentle bubble wrap created such a strong texture in this salt dough craft.

5) Wouldn’t your child just love to pretend to be a dinosaur with this Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting? Or turn on some fun music and have a dance party while creating a work of art!

6) How can something as adorable as a bee, hurt so badly when it stings? I don’t have to think about that, though, when I see this fun Bubble Wrap Beehive + Fingerprint Bee Craft!

7) One of my kids’ favourite animals at the zoo is the tortoise. They could sit and watch them for hours, there isn’t much movement but they love it. The last time we went to the zoo we came home and made these adorable Bubble Wrap Tortoise crafts. What a fun memory!

8) Painting on bubble wrap can be a fun experience in itself. Then to create something with your painted bubble wrap is even more fun, just like this Recycled Bubble Wrap Tree. How simple & cute!

9) I may be afraid of snakes in real life, but this Bubble Wrapped Paper Plate Snake is too cute! I think this would be an adorable decoration to hang from the ceiling of a snake lover’s room or at a birthday party! And definitely the only type of snake I would let live in my home!
These 9 Bubble Wrap Kids Crafts are inexpensive, helps teach about recycling and fun! The crafts turn out beautiful with bubble wraps natural texture.

Which one is your favourite? Comment below!

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