8 DIY outdoor game ideas

8 DIY outdoor game ideas
Summer days are perfect for spending time with family and friends in the fresh air and whether it’s a BBQ at home or an outdoor wedding, games are the perfect way to keep everyone entertained. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a giant chess set or buy lawn games that are played once and never used again. Instead, try out some of these fun DIY ideas to keep costs low and enjoyment levels high.

1.    Lawn twister

Twister is a fantastic game for all ages but the board game version isn’t terribly outdoor friendly; the plastic sheet catches in the wind and slips on grass. To create this fun lawn version all you need is some temporary spray marker paint (water based is best as it washes away easily) and away you go.  

Outdoor twister
Image source: You + Me

2.    Jumbo chalkboard

This is perfect for keeping the kids entertained or even as a message board for wedding guests! To create your own giant version you’ll need plywood board, chalkboard paint and either jumbo chalk sticks or liquid chalk pens for doodling with!

Giant chalkboard
Image source: Project Denneler

3.    Noughts and crosses

You can create individual versions for wedding tables or one giant version (perhaps with a leader board) for outdoor parties. All you need is something for the board (the picture below uses a chopping board), coloured tape and stones for the ‘noughts’ and ‘crosses’.

Noughts and crosses  

4.    Doughnut bobbing

Why not make the kids work for their dessert in a game of ‘doughnut bobbing’? This game is fun for all ages and makes for some hilarious photo opportunities.  All you need is some string, doughnuts and somewhere to hang them. Beware if you have pets, though – try not to hang the treats where the dog can nibble at them!

Doughnut bobbing
Image source: The Chic Site

5.    Lawn Scrabble

Creating this giant Scrabble couldn’t be easier – you can create the letters using cardboard and tape. Head to Hasbro’s website for information on the number of tiles and tile values so that you know exactly how many letter tiles to create.  

Lawn scrabble
Image source: Constantly Lovestruck

6.    Ladder toss

This is a super easy game to create and perfect for all ages. Just grab a ladder, add score markers and get throwing! If you don’t have bean bags try balls or even water balloons.

Ladder toss
Image source: Landee See Landee Do

7.    Lawn pair match memory game

You all know the rules to this one! Turn cards over in pairs and try to memorise the cards you see so that you can turn over matching pairs as quickly as possible.  All you need is some card and either stencils (if you can be bothered) or for an even easier version simply print off pictures and tape them to the boards.
Lawn matching game
Image source: Studio DIY

8.    Bowling

You can easily create a game of bowling using anything from empty bottles to pineapples (as pictured below). The gold spray paint looks chic but you can do without if you’re looking for something quick and easy!

Pineapple bowling
Image source: Style Me Pretty
Let us know if you’ve got any ideas of your own by leaving a comment below!


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