13 gorgeous garden accessories you need in your garden

13 gorgeous garden accessories you need in your garden

Summer began on 21st June and thanks to the heatwave earlier in the month, those bedding plants we all went out and bought at the garden centre (in our excitement at seeing the sun) have now begun to flower, as have many wildflowers and shrubs. British gardens can look lovely at this time of year, making them a great place to spend time on an evening or when entertaining at weekends. But whilst it’s all well and good to have nice borders and a freshly-cut lawn, do you ever feel there’s a little something missing from your garden?

Think back to when you were little, playing in your parents’ or grandparents’ garden. Do you remember what sort of games you played? You could make dens in the hedges or privets; there were interesting bugs and even frogs to discover; you could make miniature worlds for your toys to play in. The garden was somewhere a bit magical, where you could play and investigate, and where your parents tended to leave you alone as long as you weren’t too loud (or too quiet). As an adult, your garden is probably now just somewhere you sit, or where you light the barbecue – but there is a way you can rekindle those feelings of childish adventure and excitement!

We have found some absolutely beautiful garden accessories that will not only add charm and character to your outdoor living space but also remind you of how utterly enchanting your garden can be.


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