What is Maximalist Decor?

What is Maximalist Decor?

After years of being sold the idea that minimalist homes are tidy, easy to clean, coordinated and peaceful, Maximalist decor might be a bit jarring on the senses. It can be difficult to see where ‘Maximalism’ ends and ‘hoarding’ begins. But as Maximalism is set to be the next big home decor trend, we wanted to explore it a little further.

What is Maximalism?

Have you ever been in the home of someone who has done a lot of travelling? They may have little knick-knacks from each of the countries they have visited, or interesting pieces of art dotted around their home. This is at the heart of what marks a Maximalist home: it is the idea that the homeowner has experienced life and all it has to offer – and has brought a bit of it home with them. Every day. For years.

Yet the key difference between hoarding and Maximalism is that each of those items brought home and displayed has been chosen with care. Each little whatnot has a story behind it or has sentimental value. These are treasures, not just possessions.

To achieve the Maximalist look, you may well need to dig some of your curios, pictures and souvenirs out of storage – but only ones that bring back happy memories or are sentimental in some other way. Displaying these with care whilst opting for stripes, patterns and even polka dots in your decor scheme will achieve the Maximalist design in no time.

To inspire you as to what will work in a Maximalist home, we have pulled together our favourite Pinterest Maximalist ideas for you to have a browse through.

19 Exquisite Examples of Maximalism

Are you a minimalist or maximillist?

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