9 reasons you should move to Croydon now!

9 reasons you should move to Croydon now!
Croydon doesn’t exactly have a positive reputation. It has been around since the Middle Ages, yet it is probably most associated with extensive building and development that began in the 1960s in the form of copious numbers of large tower blocks and plenty of concrete. There is even a term – ‘Croydonisation’ – which is used by residents in other London boroughs to decry any planned developments in their own towns, claiming that such developments will ruin their architecture and cultural heritage in much the same way.


Croydon is surprising everyone with a resurgence in popularity. It has even been earmarked as the next big hipster destination. Yes, ‘hipster’ and ‘Croydon’ in the same sentence – it seems implausible but is entirely true. Considerable investment in the area combined with its easy commuting range of around 15 minutes into central London is making Croydon a very attractive prospect. Here are just 9 reasons why you should consider making a move to Croydon now, before you can no longer afford to do so!

1. House prices are set to rise dramatically

For all of the reasons set out below, Croydon property prices are sure to increase. Whether you’re thinking of moving or considering buying a property to renovate and rent out, Croydon should give you a good return on your investment. Thanks to the economic principle of supply and demand, prices will rise as more people want to buy. So if you are considering a move, do it sooner rather than later to take advantage of the relatively low prices currently available.

2. High-end restaurateurs are moving in

Thanks to solid investment in Croydon over recent years, certain high-end restaurateurs are turning their attention to the area, thanks to investment by Boxpark amongst other notable names. Boxpark originated in Shoreditch – the fact that it has chosen Croydon to branch out to is a strong sign that the area is going to be ‘the next big thing’. At Boxpark, local food retailers get to show off their menus and offer a wealth of gastronomic delights in the form of pop-up restaurants. Regular music events are also scheduled, with live performances from established acts and weekly opportunities for local fresh talent to be heard.

3. Far more retailers are moving in

There is a pending development that has recently been approved by the council - the Whitgift Shopping Centre will be redeveloped to create the Westfield Shopping Centre, at a cost of £1.4billion. It is hoped that this will create around 6,000 – 7,000 jobs across retail units covering 45,000 square feet, drawing workers as well as shoppers to the city. Work is due to begin next year.

4. Even more building investment

theshardopt.jpgThe second highest skyscraper in the UK is going to be built in the centre of Croydon. It will comprise two towers of 68 and 41-storeys respectively, connected by a shorter, 11-storey block. This will be taller than Canary Wharf and second only in size to the Shard – it will be visible from as far away as Brighton. Containing office space, flats, a swimming pool, gym and the highest bar and restaurant in London, this will certainly put Croydon on the map and once again demonstrates the level of investment being put into this area.

5. Crystal Palace are in the Premier League

crystalpalaceopt.jpgBased in Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace are playing pretty well at the moment. Despite concerns that the club might move elsewhere, chairman Steve Parish announced in December that the club will remain in Croydon at Selhurst Park – and that the stadium is to be given an ambitious redevelopment. Yet more investment in the area only adds to the evidence that this is somewhere ripe for investment.

6. Music is big here!

Home to the BRIT School, Croydon has produced talented artists including Amy Winehouse, Katie Melua, Adele and Kate Nash to name but a few. Stormzy also hails from the area. Croydon’s musical heritage is diverse, rich and not to be overlooked.

7. Street art is even bigger!

croydonartquarterop7.jpgStreet art murals decorate the walls, shutters and the very streets themselves – some murals celebrate local music talent whilst others are whimsical and downright beautiful to look at. There is a section of Croydon known as Croydon’s Arts Quarter that hosts most of these artworks and they are well worth viewing – they are changed regularly to keep them looking fresh.

8. Transport links are amazing

As mentioned above, Croydon is a mere 15 minute commute from central London. It seems hard to believe that it hasn’t already been bought out by young professionals seeking affordable accommodation close to work within the city. Yet so far it has been largely overlooked, probably due to its largely undeserved reputation. Times are changing, though, and the enviably short commute distance combined with regeneration of the area is making Croydon an increasingly desirable place to live. The East Croydon station is due to have additional platforms installed as part of overall improvements to the Brighton Main Line, which could make journey times even smoother.

9. Techies know what they’re doing

Croydon has been quietly building itself up a reputation as a technology hub. Relatively low office rental space has given rise to a vast increase in the number of start-up businesses (primarily in the field of digital technology) choosing to locate there. The Croydon Tech City project has encouraged and supported countless businesses and entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the area to form a self-supporting tech "ecosystem". Commercial properties have been built and expanded to accommodate this increase in business, and various ventures by Sussex University and others are seeking to up-skill locals and those seeking work in the sector. Techies know what they’re doing, and where they establish themselves, jobs and services usually follow – look at Silicon Valley, for instance!

Moving to Croydon?

The future looks bright for Croydon. If you are thinking of moving to live and/or work in Croydon, now is the time to do it whilst property prices are still relatively low. If you need to store your furniture or other belongings to keep them safe, clean and dry whilst you move into your new home or business property, remember that we offer self-storage at competitive prices right in the heart of Croydon. You can use flexible self-storage for as long as you need it, or just for a week; you can store all the contents of your home or just a few suitcases. Give us a call if you think you may need self storage near Croydon over the coming months as you seek to make a very fine investment in the area.

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