How to make a Bicycle Wheel Clock

How to make a Bicycle Wheel Clock

Upcycle That - Bicycle Wheel Clock

Oh, this is such a lovely time of the year! The sun is out more often than not; it doesn’t rain as much as usual; the days are getting longer and flowers are popping up all over the place. Another sure sign that the weather is better is that there are far more cyclists on the road than there are during the darker seasons. Have you dug your bike out yet? Yes? Is it in need of a bit of TLC before it’s roadworthy, or is it rather more drastic than that..? If your old bike has seen better days, don’t just chuck it in landfill - upcycle it and turn it into something new!

Why get a new bike?

Did you know that the average lifespan of a bike that is used regularly is around five years?

Just like cars, new developments are being made all the time by bike manufacturers in improving bikes’ performance. Even if your bike’s not particularly old, you will probably find a huge difference in how fast you can travel on a newer model and how easy it is to pedal. The older your bike gets, the more expensive it becomes to maintain and after a while it becomes a bit of a money pit - that's when you really need a new bike.

What to do with your old bike

Your old bike can be sold or given away, but if you think the price you’ll get isn't worth the bother, or if you know your bike isn’t roadworthy enough to give away, what can you do with it? Don’t tip it - there’s only so much landfill available, and anyway, you might feel rather attached to your faithful old bike and feel bad about the idea of it rusting away in a pile somewhere. Upcycle it instead and it’s a win all round!

Upcycle your bicycle

Upcycle That is a brilliant source of inspirational ideas for how to make use of your old belongings or create amazing things from things you might find in second-hand shops. Upcycler Ruth has a simply fabulous idea for what you can do with your old bike wheels - take a look at her guide to making this funky clock that’s not only useful and attractive but a real talking point for all your cycling friends!


Just as landfill space is finite, so is your home, so if you are thinking of throwing something away but think you may be able to upcycle it instead, why not make use of self storage to keep it safe and dry until you have time to make it into something you’ll want to keep?  We have 120 storage facilities nationwide so there is bound to be one near you.

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