The memories that make us

The memories that make us

The memories that make us

 We asked over 2000 people, from teenagers through to octogenarians what their favorite memory was. Are school days everyone's happiest days? Is it true that nothing beats a family Christmas? And is the birth of a child really the best moment in your life?
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For some people these moments were the ones which came out on top, but for many others it was something completely different. What stood out above all else was that people's happiest memories were those connected to experiences, and the people they shared them with. The days spent putting in extra hours at the office or working weekends to get that ‘big project’ finished definitely didn’t make the cut.
Whilst objects bought and purchases made weren't at the top of anyone's list. The fact that we keep objects as a physical reminder of these special moments makes them important. Picking an object up can transport you back to that special time and place, triggering the feelings and memories associated with it. This is why we hang onto things and why it is important to us to keep these items safe.
What then were people's happiest memories and how did they vary by age group? The visualisation above shows the data collected by the main categories and sub-categories.
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