Self storage & saying 'I do'!

Self storage & saying 'I do'!
There was a proposal. There was an acceptance. Now there is planning … lots and lots of planning. At the end of the planning there will be a lovely day filled with love, fun, smiles and happy tears (and a few tears of joy that the planning has ended), so bear with it!

We want to show you how useful a self storage unit can be when your big day; it’s not just a space-saver, it’s a sanity-saver!

A. Using your unit for storage:

1. Use it to stock up on supplies

There’s no getting away from the expense of a wedding, but you can ameliorate it by taking advantage of sales and offers in the run up to the big day. Alcohol will be consumed by the gallon, so make the most of 2-for-1 deals or discounted supermarket prices when they occur. You can also store things like staging and chair covers to save space at home.

2. Store wedding-related furniture

If you’re hosting the wedding or reception in a marquis or anywhere that you need to provide your own seating, friends and family may be called upon to lend you their folding chairs or garden furniture. If you’ve ever tried to store 200+ garden chairs at home, you’ll know that this is a bit of a logistical nightmare, so take advantage of the space in your storage unit in the days before the wedding.

3. Store your own furniture

In order to save up for the wedding and/or a deposit for a house together, you might have to move back home for a few months. Your parents’ home is magically free of rent and many parents will also feed you and do your laundry. However, they may not be able to accommodate all of your furniture, so you can pop it into your self storage unit to keep it clean, dry and (most importantly) out of the way until you can move it into your new home.

If you’re planning to move in with your other half before the wedding, the two of you might own duplicate items of furniture that won’t all fit into one house. You could sell or give away things like spare beds, sofas or wardrobes, or you could store it until the time comes for you to move to a larger home (perhaps if you decide to start a family) or to replace items as and when they become worn.

4. Clear your guest room

You know that spare room you have: the one filled with all the Christmas decorations, camping gear and boxes of books? Your nana might need to use that room because she’ll want to stay over for a night or two before the wedding (because you haven’t got enough to do already). Or you might want your bridesmaids or groomsmen on hand to help out early on the morning of the wedding and it would be rude to make them sleep on the floor. 

Reclaim your spare room to make space for guests before the wedding and pop all the excess belongings into your self storage unit.

5. Store gifts

Your lovely guests will hopefully bring you lots of lovely presents to wish you well and help you to start your married life off well-equipped. Rather than leaving gifted household goods at home while you go on honeymoon, pop them into your secure self storage unit and unpack them at your leisure when you get home.

6. Have deliveries sent direct to your unit

Is there anything more frustrating than finding that little card on your doorstep telling you that you’ve missed a delivery you’ve been waiting for and that you have to find time to go to the depot to collect it? If you have better things to do than stand waiting in a queue on your day off work, why not have all deliveries sent directly to your storage unit? At many of our stores, our onsite team can accept deliveries for you and keep them safe until you can call in to move them into your unit.

B. Using your unit creatively:

1. Use your unit as a gym

Do you want to lose a few pounds or otherwise get in shape for the big day? You could use your storage unit as a mini gym by equipping it with a treadmill, cross-trainer, rowing machine and free weights — opt for whatever size of unit will fit whatever equipment you have and enjoy a private space in which to get fit.

2. Use your unit as a work space

Do you intend to make your own favours or welcome baskets? Do you just need a bit of space to lay out all your organisation materials, such as seating plans, menus and invitations? You can set up a table and everything you need in your storage unit and work uninterrupted, safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to clear everything away when dinner’s ready.

3. Visualise your dream day

If wall space is at a premium at home, use the wall of your indoor storage unit to display all your organisational knick-knacks, timelines, photos and notes. It can be your own personal Pinterest board.

4. Keep your clothes organised

You can pop a couple of clothes rails into your unit and keep going away outfits, suits and accessories clean and dry.

5. Enjoy some private space

This may be particularly relevant if you’ve been living with your family to save up for the big day. If you need some space to call your own, to just sit and think, practise your speech, do some work or catch up on some life- and/or wedding-admin, use your storage unit. If you’re planning on doing some rather awesomely choreographed wedding dances, or just want to practise your father-daughter dance, here’s your chance to do so without an audience.

6. Erm, it could be a backdrop to industrial-style photographs?

Maybe you like the industrial look. Black and white, austere engagement photos might appeal?

Use your storage unit for whatever is necessary in the run-up to your big day. It’s space that you own for however long you need it; our units are rented by the week, but you can take your belongings out whenever you need them and many of our stores have 24-hour access available. If you find you need a bit more space as time goes on, or if you don’t need as much space as you initially intended, you can change your room for a larger or smaller space at any time.

Have fun on your big day!

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