Streets Kitchen & Safestore

Streets Kitchen & Safestore
During these unprecedented times, it’s more difficult than ever for charities to fund their valuable work — fundraising events have had to be cancelled, and donations have fallen because people are worried about their jobs and financial security. Yet charities have never been more heavily relied upon, and are going to great lengths to keep going and helping those most in need. 

We’ve always supported local charities in whatever way we can, by offering storage space, volunteering to help on the front line, and raising the profiles of smaller charities.

This month, we’d like to highlight the work of Streets Kitchen, a grassroots charity that provides hot food, clothing, support, information and a sense of community to homeless people across London.

Streets Kitchen’s beginnings

Originally, Streets Kitchen was set up in a squat, by people who recognised the need for homeless people to have a single place to get all the information they needed about how to get help or help themselves. 

Over the course of five years, this work evolved. They still provide much-needed information about homelessness services but also offer nutritious, delicious food and other essentials through solidarity centres and daily outreaches. 

The charity is run and organised by volunteers, many of whom have needed to use Streets Kitchen’s help themselves in the past. They provide a sense of community and experienced understanding of the problems faced by homeless people.

Fundraising efforts

Streets Kitchen is always keen for volunteers to cook, give their time or garner donations from local businesses. They also gratefully accept donations of food and essentials. 

This type of charity work is labour-intensive, needing a lot of people to help at their outreaches across London, and to provide non-judgemental care and understanding. Anyone who is able to volunteer is asked to join any of the Facebook groups listed on their Outreaches page (link above) or just turn up ten minutes before the start time of any outreach and let them know that you’re there to volunteer. Check out their Give A Shift feed on Twitter, too.

Streets Kitchen and Safestore

We currently support Streets Kitchen with storage in Clapham and Camden Town.  In future, we hope to gift some of our time to support the work that they do.  Meanwhile, we wanted to make you all aware of the valuable work done by this charity - particularly at a time when homeless people have never been more vulnerable - in the hope that donations of time, goods and money will allow Streets Kitchen to continue its valuable work.

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