The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) & Safestore

The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) & Safestore
In keeping with our commitment to the local communities we serve throughout the country, we do our best to support and promote the work of charities local to our stores.  This week, we’d like to focus on the work carried out by The Ambulance Staff Charity, which provides financial, emotional and physical support to ambulance staff and volunteers.

The Ambulance Staff Charity’s Beginnings

TASC was formed officially in 2015 but it has its roots in the Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund, which was founded in 1984 with the aim of supporting the financial wellbeing of ambulance staff members.

TASC now supports the physical and mental wellbeing of ambulance staff as well as providing financial support and assistance to ambulance staff and volunteers (including community first responders and patient transport drivers) in times of hardship or need.

The charity has faced growing demand over recent years, with huge increases in requests for support and help, particularly in the field of mental health.  Ambulance staff and volunteers are frequently confronted with traumatic events: TASC is there to support their mental health in times of crisis.  As the impact and effects of PTSD become better understood, more people are seeking help to cope with them, and TASC has seen requests for this type of help double in just one year.

Ambulance staff and volunteers also have a very physical role, and if they incur injuries then TASC can provide physical rehabilitation and therapy to help.  TASC can also provide financial support for things like mobility aids, living expenses and convalescent breaks.

Fundraising Efforts

TASC regularly runs campaigns raising awareness of their work and seeking donations from the public.  They also have some great ideas and resources if you’d like to arrange your own fundraising events, whether you’re a corporation or an individual.  If you can spare some time to help TASC, you can check out the volunteer opportunities here.

TASC and Safestore

In full support of TASC’s message of “Caring for those who care for us,” we’re very happy to promote their charitable cause and highlight their work.  We also provide TASC with 50 sq ft of storage space free of charge at our Coventry store so that they can store the marketing materials and equipment they use to promote their work through events and campaigns.


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