Top 8 Things to do in Euston

Top 8 Things to do in Euston
If you’re travelling to London by train from the West Coast, the North of England or Scotland, there’s a good chance you’ll end up at Euston station when you arrive.  A major public transport hub since 1837, Euston has a wealth of tourist attractions to entertain visitors.

Here are 8 of the best things to do in or near Euston next time you’re in the area, listed in order of walking distance from Euston station so you can plan your time.

1. Doric Arch Pub (1 minute’s walk)

This is perfect if you’re looking for things to do in Euston but don’t have a lot of time to spare (or are too tired to travel much further) as it’s practically on the doorstep of Euston station.  

If you’re interested in the history of Euston station, this traditional English pub is home to the only remaining piece of the Victorian Euston Arch.  When Euston station was built in 1837, it was the first station in London to serve trains from elsewhere in the country.  As such, it was important to the city that visitors would see London at its finest upon arrival, and the station was therefore built in the grand style of the Victorian era.  The station was demolished in the 1960s, though, when the West Coast Main Line was electrified and the structures needed to be modernised.  

The Arch was destroyed, much to local consternation, but part of it remains in the Doric Arch pub on Eversholt Street.  They also serve real ale and classic English pub grub.

2. Wellcome Collection (6 minutes’ walk)

The Wellcome Collection is a museum/library that’s open to the public and free to enter.  Its focus is on the influence of science and medicine on our daily lives and on the development of the human race.  It’s interesting and accessible, and as well as permanent installations there are regular featured exhibitions, talks and workshops to enjoy.  There’s a cafe and somewhere to store your bags for the day so it’s one of the most convenient (and interesting) things to do in Euston.

3. The British Library (6 minutes’ walk)

A must for all bibliophiles, The British Library is a British institution where you’ll find peace and quiet as well as remarkable historical books and documents.  The ‘Treasures of The British Library’ is a permanent exhibition that features works by Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen, sacred texts from world religions, illustrations by Michelangelo and the world’s earliest maps.  There are also regular temporary exhibitions so it’s worth checking the website before you visit. 

You can’t take books out of the library, but if you apply for a free reading pass then you can order pretty much any text or book to read that’s held by The British Library and can use their reading rooms free of charge to enjoy them.  Some texts can take up to 48 hours to become available, so if there’s something in particular you want to read then make sure you order it online in advance.

4. Grant Museum of Zoology (8 minutes’ walk)

This museum was created as a teaching resource for the University of London (now known as University College London) by Robert Grant, whose work influenced Charles Darwin’s later work.  It’s open to the public as well as UCL students, and if you’ve ever wondered what a quagga skeleton looks like, or you’re interested in seeing dissected brains, the bones of a dodo or models of various extinct creatures then this will make for a fascinating day out in Euston!  The Grant Museum of Zoology is free to enter, but is closed Sundays and Mondays.

5. Russell Square Gardens (11 minutes’ walk)

There are plenty of things to do indoors near Euston station, but if the sun is shining and you fancy some fresh air then one of the most pleasant green spaces in this part of London is Russell Square Gardens.  It’s a 10 minute walk from Euston, straight along Woburn Place past Tavistock Square, and it’s worth every step.  Plenty of trees offer shade, whilst sun worshippers have space to lie down on a picnic blanket.  There’s a lovely cafe that serves hot and cold drinks, Italian pastries and cakes, as well as more substantial meals.

If you have all day to enjoy a park, you could opt for Regent’s Park, which is about 15 minutes’ walk from Euston station. Here, you’ll find everything Russell Square Gardens has to offer and lots more - including a number of children’s play areas, the famous London Zoo, formal gardens and areas to play sports.  

6. The Foundling Museum (14 minutes’ walk)

Bloomsbury’s Foundling Museum is a public museum near Euston that’s free to enter if you’re 21 or younger.  It aims to provide art experiences and creative opportunities for young people and families, as a way of continuing the work to support young people carried out since the 1700s by the Foundling Hospital.  Built on the site of the old hospital and incorporating much of the original architecture, the museum has different exhibits throughout the year.  

Originally, the Foundling Hospital was a place where abandoned or orphaned children were cared for until they could be placed with foster families.  The artist William Hogarth and composer George Handel used their fame and connections to establish the UK’s first public art gallery here, as a way of supporting the most vulnerable members of society through the Foundling Hospital charity (now known as the Coram children’s charity).

7. The British Museum (15 minutes’ walk)

This is a very traditional museum of history, art and culture, laid out with exhibits in glass cases and behind ropes with cards depicting in varying degrees of detail the items curated there.  As well as permanent exhibits, there are regular temporary exhibits (this year, there are exhibits about Stonehenge, and Feminism) and although the main museum is free to enter you’ll need tickets for the special exhibitions.  

8. Covent Garden (30 minutes’ walk or 10 minutes by tube)

One of the most well-known tourist attractions in London is Covent Garden, where you can browse dozens of market stalls selling handcrafted art, jewellery, trinkets and snacks, and be entertained inside by musicians inside the market hall, or enthralled by performers outside.  There are high end boutique shops and cafes, too.  If you’re watching or listening to the entertainers, you’ll be expected to make a donation as this is how they make a living!  Located a little further away than the other places on this list, Covent Garden is about 1.5 miles away from Euston and about 30 minutes’ walk (or you can take the tube from Euston to Leicester Square on the Northern Line, which takes about 10 minutes).
If you’re visiting London for a few hours as a stop-off, or have a few hours to kill before your train home and want to explore any of the fantastic things to do near Euston station, you probably won’t want to carry your luggage around with you.  As a cheaper alternative to the left luggage options at the station, bear in mind that we offer left luggage storage at many of our London stores, including our self storage facility in Euston.  You can bring your bags along, leave them with us and we’ll store them cheaply and securely until you return to collect them. 

Enjoy all that Euston has to offer, and have a safe journey home afterwards!


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