The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Leveraging Warehouse Storage

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Leveraging Warehouse Storage
As a small business owner, you’ll always have one eye on the present - meeting deadlines, satisfying orders, balancing the books - and one eye on the future - gathering new customers, developing / improving products, and maximising efficiency.

One way in which you can improve the service you provide to existing customers and keep up with future demand is to leverage suitable storage space. Depending on the size of your business, you may need warehouse storage space to accommodate your products, tools and equipment, or you may need more modest space that can grow as your business develops.

Here are our tips on leveraging warehouse storage to aid your growing small business.

1. Leverage vertical space

By taking care to adhere to Health and Safety Authority guidance and rules around managing hazards stored at height and working at height, you could greatly improve the amount of storage space offered by your warehouse storage space. 

Installing tall shelving units and racks can greatly increase the amount of storage you can eke out of your warehouse’s footprint. Storing items at height may mean you’ll need access to a forklift to retrieve them, so bear that in mind when planning which items you store at height.

If your warehouse lease allows, or if you own your warehouse space outright, consider installing a mezzanine floor as an alternative to using taller shelving units. This may be safer than accessing very tall shelving units, especially if the majority of your products or stored items are large and heavy. 

2. Plan your storage efficiently

Using your sales data, ensure that products that are high in demand and require quick turnover are placed in the most easily accessible part of your warehouse. This might mean changing the layout of your shelving units or storage bins if you have previously organised your warehouse by size, weight or product material. Improved accessibility will lead to more streamlined and efficient use of your storage space.  

Aisle space may seem unavoidable if you stock a wide range of products so that you or your employees can access the stock throughout your warehouse on foot or with pallet trucks or forklifts. However, high-density storage systems could offer a practical solution to avoiding dead aisle space and maximising your storage space. These systems open up to reveal aisle space only when and where needed. They’re an upfront cost (tax-deductible, of course), but they may offer a cheaper solution than having to rent more square footage.

3. Ensure your inventory system is efficient

Whether you have a computerised automated inventory management system or a clipboard hung by the door, ensure that everyone who uses your warehouse marks down everything they add to or remove from your warehouse. 

Review your inventory records regularly so that you can get rid of obsolete, out-of-date or unprofitable lines of product and maximise the space available for products that are worth the cost of storing them.

4. Consider your storage contract

Are you already tied into a warehouse lease but need more space? If using the tips above haven’t created enough space, you might need to look at the terms of your lease to see if there’s any flexibility in terms of upsizing the space you can use. Maybe there are adjoining units you could move into, for instance. 

Whether you can increase the size of your warehouse or not, you should periodically review whether traditional warehouse space is right for you. If it isn’t, look at the exit clauses available to you and any notice periods that apply to your contract and consider the alternative - self storage.

Is Self Storage a Viable Option for Your Small Business?

If your business necessitates warehouse-sized space without the long-term commitment of a commercial lease, and you value flexibility in space utilization, our self-storage solutions are an ideal match for your small business needs. Offering both long and short-term storage with flexible contracts, we cater to the evolving needs of your business, ensuring you have the space you need for as long or as short a time as you need it.

Flexible Storage Space
We provide a wide range of storage options, from compact 10 sq ft lockers to expansive warehouse spaces of over 500 sq ft, accommodating every scale of business storage requirement. Our flexible approach means you can easily add storage units as your business grows without the hassle of a rigid contract.

Strategic Locations
Our strategically located facilities ensure ease of access for your operations, situated close to major roads and public transport networks. If you're interested in more than one location, we have dedicated account managers to assist you; choosing storage units across multiple locations can optimize your logistics and potentially reduce costs. This approach offers a more efficient alternative to maintaining a single, large warehouse, especially when considering the flexibility of our contracts and the potential savings on logistics.

Unmatched Accessibility
Designed for convenience, our facilities feature double entry doors, covered loading bays, and daily access. Available pallet trucks and forklifts support your operational needs. Our team is available during store hours to assist, including accepting deliveries on your behalf, so your workday remains uninterrupted. Additionally, our on-site DHL ServicePoints facilitate easy dispatch of goods directly to your customers.

Simplified Budgeting
Our transparent pricing model covers all expenses except contents insurance, which you can arrange through us if needed. Our flexible contracts allow you to predict and manage your business expenditure more effectively, avoiding surprises.

Ready to Explore Your Options?
Discover how our self storage solutions, with flexible contracts and the option for both long and short-term rentals, can support the growth and flexibility of your business. Reach out to us via phone, chat, email, or drop by your nearest store for a personalized consultation. If you're ready to reserve a unit, you can do so online or over the phone today, securing the adaptable storage space your business requires to flourish.


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