At Safestore, we believe in supporting and developing our people to be the best that they can be. Since 2003, we have had the ‘Investors in People’ accreditation, which means we invest in our employees' development and progress.  Every year, we invest over 25,000 hours developing our people. From online learning modules to face to face sales training, every one of our team members has the opportunity to take part in structured learning.
From your first day you’ll be provided with all the support you need to really make an impact. We offer a comprehensive and structured 13 week induction, which focuses on the specific accountabilities you will be responsible for in your role. We provide our new starters with regular feedback to get them off to the best possible start, right from the word ‘go’.
Ongoing training and development
We deliver dedicated sales training to help you master the skills and behaviors’ which will enable you to perform well at Safestore. In addition, our team members receive health and safety training (including forklift licensee) in accordance with the requirements of their roles.  We have also developed an online learning platform allowing team members to learn independently at the click of a button.
Career progression
Beyond this, there are plenty of opportunities at Safestore to grow within your role and progress beyond it. Through regular coaching and performance reviews with our line managers, we are keen to support and challenge our Sales Consultants and Assistant Managers of today to become our Store Managers of tomorrow as Safestore goes from strength to strength. 
As a Sales Consultant you will benefit from a structured programme of development providing you with the skills and experience to become a Store Manager. The programme as outlined below is designed to work around your role and the ‘day job’ but your progress on the programme is completely driven by you.
A Day in the Life of a Sales Consultant

Store Manager Development programme

Following successful completion of the first 4 modules you will be considered for the Store Manager Development (SMD) programme. The programme is designed to provide you with the skills and experience you need to manage your own store and manage and motivate your own team.
Sales Consultant - Career Development
To hear what some of our current SMD participants had to say about their time with Safestore, see below.

Robert – Sales Consultant, Newcastle Wallsend store

I have been on my exciting journey with Safestore now for over two and a half years, and I have to say, it has been a joy working for a fantastic company that offers so many opportunities to progress from within. I have always enjoyed working in Customer Service/ Sales and dealing with the public, which Safestore allows me to do on a daily basis.

Since starting with Safestore, I would say my highlights would be getting promoted to the very first Sales Consultant in the company within two months of starting. Another highlight would be passing on my sales experience and Safestore knowledge to help new starters on their Safestore journey. The store I currently work in is a training store for new recruits, which also gives me the chance to gain more experience in training and coaching people, a key module of the Sales Consultant framework.

The challenges I’ve have had to deal with since starting with the company would be having to keep all my KPI’s on track whilst helping to maintain a busy store. However, part of my development has been to learn how to manage these issues accordingly and keep things flowing within my store.

Over the years I’ve had loads of support to help my development in Safestore, from covering other stores within my region as well as other regions, attending numerous manager meetings, help training new recruits and working my way through the Sales Consultant modules. All of these responsibilities have helped me become more confident in managing my priorities on a daily basis and helped me fine tune the skills I need to become a Store Manager. 

I have received a great amount of coaching and support from my Store Manager and Regional Manager, who keep pushing me to do better as they believe I can achieve more. I’ve recently been given the chance to develop my skills even more by being selected to participate on the Store Manager Development programme.

I’d highly recommend the Sales Consultant role as it has helped me come a long way in developing my management skills and has made me realise that I’m capable of doing and achieving more than what I thought possible. Over the next 12 months I look forward to working with the rest of the SMD candidates and working together as one team and to show Safestore that we will all be a great asset to the business.

Natalie – Assistant Manager, Oldbury store

For me Safestore clearly demonstrates how progression is a priority for them and I am very proud and excited to be nominated for the SMD programme. 
I joined Safestore in 2009 as a Sales Assistant in our Digbeth store straight out of university. I had zero knowledge on storage or what Safestore was about other than they provide storage boxes for people moving home. Since then I have come a long way and have worked with different Store Managers who have all helped me to develop my skills in sales and my understanding of driving business performance. 
I became an Assistant Manager in Oldbury in 2013, during this time I have had many opportunities to develop my skills further to be ready for my next role as a store manager, they have included;
•    Responsibility for running the Oldbury store during the absence of a Store Manager;
•    Involvement with interviewing and recruiting;
•    Supporting a Training Support Manager in a training store with new starters;
•    Supporting my Store Manager with coaching to help develop other team members and;
•    Opportunities to work in other stores in other regions.
All of the above gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my commitment to Safestore and my ambition to become a Store Manager. It has also provided me with feedback for how I can improve my skills to ensure I am ready when the next opportunity for a Store Manager role becomes available.
I am looking forward to seeing how my skills as a manager develop over the course of the programme and what other opportunities it will create for me. It has already given me an opportunity to meet some new colleagues across the company. It is great to see some new faces, make new friends and have the opportunity to share best practice and experience. Everyone I have met so far reminds me Safestore have some fantastic people and it’s great to see them invest their time in us and to feel valued.

Joe – Assistant Manager, Brentford store

I began my Safestore career in May 2014 as a Sales Assistant at the Earls Court store and quickly learnt how enjoyable it is to work here. I’d always liked selling but not always the product being sold. However the thing with storage is that we are helping customers find the perfect solution to their needs and this makes all the difference when it comes to how much I love my job.

I’d learnt a lot through my colleagues and manager and in February 2015 I was made Assistant Manager where I was given increased responsibilities. This created a new challenge for me to tackle which I was ready for by this time. Supporting the Store Manager along with the training and coaching of new staff was something I’d not done before and I was able to really throw myself into it and gain the skills required.

At the end of May 2016 I was given the opportunity to run the Brentford Space Maker store as a Store Manager in a secondment capacity. The store was going through a transitional period due to the acquisition of Space Maker and one of the tasks I had was to undertake the re-branding to Safestore. I also had the challenge of managing my own team and driving performance within the store. Since then I have assisted with the opening of the new Wandsworth store which has been a fantastic opportunity to be involved with. I have also supported another region and am just starting out on the SMD programme which I know will develop my skills as a Store Manager further.

I’ve recently done a lot of travelling but I do so because I’m given so many opportunities to develop and progress, not just in my role but as a person too. Along the way I’ve been given so much support by everyone; from my instore colleagues, to Regional Managers and all the way to the Directors at the top, everyone wants to see you succeed here at Safestore.

Martin – Sales Consultant, Newcastle Forth Street

I began my Safestore experience two short years ago when I joined the team within the Newcastle Central store as one of the first ever external Sales Consultants.

It was clear to me from the off people development was at the forefront of this company’s culture. As a new employee this not only helped me grow from within, it made me feel valued as an individual. It was obvious to me from the get go, that I had made the right decision when joining this growing and rather misunderstood industry. 

My Sales Consultants journey began straight away and on my very first day I got a flavour for what lay ahead. With support from my new manager I was given the time to develop not only my knowledge of the industry but myself. At the same time I was given a realistic, incentive driven, developmental structure to follow, this was and is one of the main reasons I have enjoyed my time here so much. Currently I am in the process of passing on these learnings to our new Sales Consultant in our team and together our goal is for him to progress on to the final stages of the Sales Consultant journey. 

I am also currently attending the final stages of my Sales Consultants journey in the shape of a Store Manager Development programme. This programme is now aimed at helping develop my inner manager, teaching me the ability to effectively coach, manage, lead and develop my people in order to succeed. With this new knowledge I have been able to put these practises to use and while identifying the learning styles of my team I have be able to make a much bigger contribution in store on a day to day basis. This is now helping me to efficiently manage our team as well as provide myself with an understanding of their individual requirements dependant on their personal situations.

This company has really been a wakeup call for me at the right time in my career. It has opened my eyes in regards to what ‘going the extra mile’ for your people actually looks like. I had previously worked with companies whom had promoted doing this however, they were not willing to invest the time and effort needed to effectively deliver this vision. Safestore has not only promoted this but supported myself throughout this whole process. As a result going the extra mile is integrated within the mind-set of our employees and on a daily basis our whole team strive to assist each and every one of our clients in this way, in return this allows us build relationships with our clients ultimately enabling us to deliver the very best in customer service.

The support around me while working for Safestore has been astonishing. I myself have had the opportunity to go out, visit and support other stores within our region on multiple occasion’s given me the opportunity to experience the diversity of different stores.

I take great pride in saying that I feel as though I am part of a large family within Safestore. I love this job and the people I work for, in return this makes my job a lot more satisfying on a daily basis as I know each day will bring something different.

Niall – Sales Consultant, Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird store

I started with Safestore in April 2015 as a Sales Consultant. Having come from a background of managing bars I had very limited sales experience but really enjoyed working with customers so thought I would be a good fit for Safestore, plus it was going to be a new challenge for me.

My favourite part of the role is definitely the problem solving aspect; whether it be coming up with a tailored solution for a customer’s needs or trying to work out how to get a big delivery on site and in to a storage unit. I enjoy thinking on my feet and being hands on so Safestore suits me perfectly as it is so much more than just a sales job. We deal with a wide variety of tasks in store so you never really have two days the same which keeps it interesting and keeps you involved.

The biggest challenge I found coming in to the business was the sales aspect of it and working towards targets as it was something I hadn’t done before. I received very valuable training with my Training Store Manager and also at the company’s head office in Borehamwood which helped to clarify the expectations of me and gave me the tools I would need to succeed. After running through targets and figures a few times with my manager the sales side of the job became a lot easier as I could easily track my progress. It is the same with the SC Programme as you can see your progress and what you have learned at each checkpoint.
My store is a training store and my manager is responsible for training new starters for our region which has given me a great opportunity to help with the training process and also refresh my own learnings.

The SC programme helped me learn in a structured way. A lot of the content of the programme is to evidence and document things that you do in your day to day work so everything is there for you, you just need to put the evidence together. It is great that the company wants to develop talent from within and it really shows with both the SC Programme and the Store Manager Development programme too. 

I found that the first day of the SMD programme really got me thinking about how to manage my time and also how to manage tasks really well. I am looking forward to getting myself more involved and experiencing more of managerial tasks and roles as I want to progress further in the company. Safestore is the first company I have worked for that spends so much time and effort on nurturing talent and helping people grow which fills me with great confidence.

I am looking forward to working in different stores out with my region to get an understanding of how others go about certain tasks to see if I can pick up any new information. I am also looking forward to being more involved in the running of my store that I am in at the moment and supporting my manager even more than I have been. At the end of the programme I will be in the position to confidently and competently manage my own store when a vacancy becomes available.
A Day in the Life of a Store Manager

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