Moving Checklist

We're the UK’s No.1 for choice for self storage with over 100 stores nationwide. As experts, we're always on hand to give you advice about self storage and answer your queries. Here are our top Hints & Tips to get you started...

  1. Two months to go...

    Talk to Safestore about van hire and organise a removal firm

    Buy your packing and storage supplies – compare prices at The Box Shop

    Start sorting out your loft and garage. It’s a great way to get rid of things you don't need - why not donate unwanted good condition old toys / books / CDs to charity?

    Put important documents into archive boxes and label them clearly, you may need them when you get to your new home

    Do you need kennels or a cattery for the move? Book it in advance.

    Think about putting items of excess furniture into storage until you’ve settled into your new home - talk to the experts and find out how inexpensive it could be!

  2. One month to go...

    If you’re moving a long way, get your car service and tyres checked well before the journey

    Register with local doctors, dentists, etc if you are moving to a new area

    Confirm your moving arrangements with moving firms

    Start putting items you don’t use every day into boxes

    Could some of those items go into longer term storage to free up more room in your new home? Talk to us!

  3. Two weeks to go...

    Contact the gas, electric, water, phone / TV / cable companies to arrange supplies for your new home

    Let people know about your change of address – not just friends, but also companies (online shops, mail order, magazine subscriptions)

    Organise your mail to be re-directed for at least three months

  4. One week to go...

    Confirm with solicitor and estate agents that the move is going to plan

    Make sure all your packing is done – double-check the loft and garage

    Remind friends and family you’ll need a hand next week!

  5. The day before...

    Put everything practical you’ll need to one side in a clearly marked box: tape measure, extension lead, step ladder etc

    Get a box of the essentials together – loo roll, kettle, tea, coffee, mugs biscuits – and keep out any paperwork you may need tomorrow…

    Collect your hire van, or confirm tomorrow’s schedule with your removal firm

    Move all your packed boxes into a downstairs room

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