All our business customers must have an Insurance Policy in place and maintain cover for the duration of their stay.

As an alternative to arranging your own insurance, we can accept an enhanced liability for loss or damage that may occur during storage under StoreProtect, up to your stated Maximum Replacement Value. “StoreProtect” denotes an agreement by us to accept an enhanced liability for loss or damage to your goods as described in the StoreProtect Addendum. If you opt for StoreProtect, you have the option, but not the obligation, to insure your goods.

Please read our StoreProtect Addendum for more details of StoreProtect.

National Accounts

Require storage at more than one location?

As the largest self storage company in the UK we provide:

  • Comprehensive coverage across England, Wales and Scotland
  • Dedicated Account Management and Customer Service support
  • Centralised and consolidated invoicing

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Employers Liability & Public Liability Insurers: RSA

Policy No. RKK370985

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