How self storage can help with a new baby

Nothing can truly prepare you for the arrival of your first baby. You’ve probably already been told several times, “Oh, it’ll change your life!” but until that little bundle arrives you can’t know just how true that is! 

There’s little we can tell you that will help to prepare you for the gamut of emotions you’ll experience over the coming weeks and months, but speaking practically, there are some steps you can take to make life easier.

Preparing your baby’s nursery

Your baby will need to sleep in your room for the first six months. So it’s not vital that you have their nursery all ready for the day you bring them home from the hospital — but trust us when we say it’s easier to get the room ready now than it would be whilst caring for a six-month-old baby. The nursery might currently be full of other furniture — perhaps it’s been used as a spare room or office — and so this will need to be moved to other parts of your home to make way for the cot, changing table and other baby-related paraphernalia. 

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If you don’t have room to accommodate all those items in your home, consider storing them in a self storage unit for when you need them. Your baby will ultimately need their own bed, for example, and when they’re older they might want a desk on which to do their homework, so it makes sense to hang on to those items rather than sell them and have to buy new ones later on.

Preparing the rest of your home

Baby-proofing your home goes in stages. At first, you won’t need to do much because your baby will be largely immobile; then you’ll need to move everything up a bit when they start to crawl, and up a bit further when they start to walk. Eventually, they will learn to climb and that’s when the trouble really starts!

You may find that you have too much furniture once you’ve accommodated all your baby’s toys and equipment. You may also have furniture or belongings that could be dangerous (e.g. a glass-topped table) or that you don’t want to be damaged accidentally (e.g. vases, crystal figurines). Consider moving your belongings into a clean, dry unit and you can purchase packaging/protectors to help protect your things until your baby is old enough to reintroduce them to your home without breakages. You can store your things with us for as long as you like.

Once your house is clear and ready for your new arrival, it will be much easier to enjoy the time you’ll have together. The other thing you’ll have heard people say a lot is, “They grow up so fast…” — and they really do, so make the most of being together!

And if you decide to do it all over again, it's a great idea to hang onto some of the clothes, toys and other paraphernalia if it's possible.  Call us or book online today and reserve a self storage unit. 

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