How we support charities

Safestore is committed to working with charities and likeminded businesses who share our values.  We have a number of partners who we have proudly worked alongside for many years.

Our charity initiative is to provide free storage to non-profit organisations in all of our stores.  To find out if we have availability in a store near you and if your charity would like to become a partner, please email

Safestore's Charity Partners

Alongside donating storage Safestore staff also take part in a number of events year on year in order to raise money for charitable causes.  Expand the sections below to find out what we get up to and ways you can get involved too.

Big Sleep Out

One of Safestore’s main charity partners is Trinity, a charity for homeless people in the UK.  They provide day services, housing, coaching, training, work placements and support to help homeless people gain back their independence and build a life again.  According to Crisis there is no national figure for how many people are homeless across the UK, partly due to homelessness being recorded differently in each area, but mainly because many homeless people do not show up in official statistics at all.  

Trinity want to change that and make sure that every person, homeless or otherwise, is counted for.
To raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in London, Trinity hold an annual ‘The Big SleepOut’ at Hillingdon Athletics Stadium every December.  The event gives people the opportunity to raise money which Trinity invest in services to try and eradicate homelessness. For one night, over 1,000 people get together at the stadium and bed down for the night with nothing but a cardboard box for shelter.

As Safestore is committed to being a responsible business and helping our local communities, we have pledged to sponsor the boxes that are used by the participants in the campaign. As cardboard boxes represent sleeping rough, the hope is that they will go some way to helping The Big SleepOut participants experience what sleeping rough is really like – even if it’s just for one night.

We also believe it is important for our colleagues to recognise how our activities can have an impact on those around us and events like this can inspire and encourage us to get involved and provide some hands on help where it matters.  In 2016, a team of eight Safestore employees raised £3,124 in sponsorship - a great achievement and wonderful team building experience!

Trinity promotes the idea that everyone has the right to housing.  The money raised through participant sponsorship will go a long way to raising awareness and helping to end homelessness. To find out how you can help visit the Trinity website for more information.

Beating homelessness needs help from everybody. 

After all, it could be any of us.  



Wrap Up London

Since 2011 Safestore have supported a fantastic campaign in partnership with Hands on London, a non-profit organisation that enables individuals and organisations to meet their volunteer needs.  Their annual winter campaign 'Wrap Up London' aims to collect 15,000 coats to ditribute to people in need across the city.

The number of people living in crisis is rising and the winter months are extremely tough for vulnerable groups.  Any coats collected are given directly to those most likely to struggle to keep warm during the winter months via homeless shelters, refugee centres, elderly care centres and other charities.

Safestore donates units in some of our London stores which are used as drop off centres for coat donations; the units also double up as storage whilst the coats are sorted and checked.  Safestore team members also lend a hand at some of the city's busiest underground stations where collection points are set up in order to collect coats from commuters heading to work.

Most of us have an old coat at the back of our wardrobe that we no longer want or need; the Wrap Up London campaign is a fantastic way of giving old coats a new purpose.  

To find out more about the campaign and ways you can help, head to the Wrap Up London website for more information.

Wrap Up London 2016

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Safestore's head office staff will use any excuse to eat cake all day and Macmillan's annual Coffee Morning is the perfect opportunity to have your cake and eat it.  Every year a group of our most proficient bakers don their aprons and whip up some treats to raise money for one of the UK's biggest cancer charities.

In 2016 we raised over £200 and held a bake-off championship to determine Safestore's best baker.  Judged by an impartial panel and scored on appearance, flavour, texture and overall deliciousness, the competition was a tough one as standards were high.  The winning cake - a pecan and maple sponge - was submitted by Safestore's marketing executive, Tiffiny.

"The bake off was a close call this year so I was delighted to win.  But the best part about the morning was the fact that we raised a fantastic amount of money and got to stuff our faces in the process.  What could be better than that?"

Safestore's bake-off goodies
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