Safestore is looking for more sites and existing buildings in London and across the UK.

Safestore is a FTSE 250 REIT and is the UK’s largest self-storage group with 129 stores in the UK, 29 in France, 9 in the Netherlands and 4 in Spain totalling 6.96 million sq ft.



Safestore Bedford - new extension

We require: 

  • Main road prominence preferred
  • Freehold or long leasehold sites of 0.5-2 acres
  • Existing buildings ideally between 20,000-100,000 sq ft
  • Minimum eaves height of 4.5m
  • Leasehold property – Inner London only
  • Existing self storage operators

Will consider: 

  • Unconditional and subject to planning deals
  • Development sites suitable for B8 self storage
  • Existing industrial or retail warehousing
  • Residential sites (consented or un-consented)
  • Roadside drive-thru locations
  • Trade parks
  • Mixed-use sites
  • Underground car parks – minimum ceiling height 1.9m
  • Office buildings
For a quick response on suitability please forward all ideas to:   


Andrew Veitch
Mobile: 07826 947 321

Henry Elwess
Mobile: 07818 012 533

Will Fennell
Mobile: 07818 538 230

Simon Higgins
Mobile: 07976 266 608

Rob Watts
Mobile: 07506 441 644

Philip Offer
Mobile: 07590 489 647
Alex McMahon
Mobile: 07552 022 773
Matt Guest
Mobile: 07552 124 995 
Fees will be paid to non-retained agents

​Recent Safestore Developments


​About Safestore

Safestore is a FTSE 250 company and the UK's largest self-storage group with 161 stores at 31 July 2021, comprising 128 wholly owned stores in the UK (including 71 in London and the South East with the remainder in key metropolitan areas such as Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle and Bristol) and 29 wholly owned stores in the Paris region and four stores in Barcelona. In addition, the Group operates nine stores in the Netherlands and six stores in Belgium under a joint venture agreement with Carlyle.

As at 31 July 2021, Safestore had a maximum lettable area of 6.983 million sq ft and a development pipeline of a further 702,000 sq ft of MLA.

The Group provides storage to around 80,000 personal and business customers and employs around 700 people in the UK, Paris and Barcelona.


​Sustainable Construction

Safestore is committed to ensuring our buildings are constructed responsibly and their ongoing operation has a minimal impact on local communities and the environment.

Our construction team follows sustainable construction principles and, wherever practicable, we use materials that have recycled content or are from sustainable sources.

We monitor the amount of waste and energy usage on every site and introduce efficiencies identified to future building projects.

We design our stores to provide a safe, secure home for our customers’ possessions and we build them with consideration given to our people, our customers, our communities, our investors and the environment.
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