Safestore is proud to provide quality services for our customers. Along with all our fantastic options on personal and household storage, the solutions we offer businesses of all kinds are equally as outstanding. From typical stock storage to alternative office space, bulk storage and many more storage options, we have a range of services available for many business sectors.

To give an even clearer idea of just what Safestore can do for you, the following case study details how we have successfully helped one of our customers.

Client: Green Toys and Games 

Their services: They sell toys, games and gifts that aren’t typically available on the high street.

What was needed: This business was initially run from creator Colin Fell’s own home when it was first set up in 2006 and it quickly became a success. Subsequently, Colin’s home came to be overrun with his products and because other deliveries were made to his home, he sometimes missed them if he was out. What Colin’s business needed was somewhere appropriate to run and manage his expanding operations.

How Safestore helped: Safestore’s centre in Reading provided Colin with a secure indoor unit as a warehouse to receive and hold his stock. Our Safestore team were also made available to him to deal with any deliveries and collections.

We also provided Colin with an office space as a location for him from which to manage his business. Green Toys and Games have stored at Safestore for seven years now, and currently operate from a 160 square foot unit which offers them 24 hour access.

Now, Colin is able to run his business in a secure location and has even used Safestore’s insurance policy and range of packing items to protect his business and make it run even smoother. 

Client Testimony:

‘Being able to arrange an efficient and reliable warehouse process has significantly contributed to my business’s success.’

‘I have found the process of working with Safestore extremely positive. Quotes are available quickly and the staff here talked me through initial size options during my first visit. I did not feel it was a pressurised sell, but rather someone providing a solution to my needs.’
- Colin Fell,
This is just one example of the many satisfied customers we work with. If you find that you or your business is in similar circumstances or want to avoid such issues from occurring in the first place, Safestore have the solutions you need.
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