Safestore is proud to provide quality services for our customers. Along with all our fantastic options on personal and household storage, the solutions we offer businesses of all kinds are equally as outstanding. From typical stock storage to alternative office space, bulk storage and many more storage options, we have a range of services available for many business sectors.

To give an even clearer idea of just what Safestore can do for you, the following case study details how we have successfully helped one of our customers.

Client: Advanced Dietics 

Their services: This client sells Sport Supplements, now under the name of Adapt Nutrition.

What was needed: During the company’s beginnings, Advanced Dietics was just a hobby run from Adam Dickinson’s home, but as it began to grow and it became more successful, he started to encounter problems. 

The main issue he had was the frustration of having to wait around for deliveries and collections. Also, as demand increased, Adam’s frustrations were made worse as his home started to become packed full of stock. Subsequently, he had to rely on friends and family to help out which put a strain on the quality of their personal lives. This is when he decided that he needed a solution.

How Safestore helped: Our affordable options and supportive service have ensured that Adam has resolved his space issues. Safestore’s centre in Bury provided Adam with a secure storage room to house his stock and were able to accept any deliveries on his behalf. 

Using Safestore self storage saved Adam valuable time which he has invested back into improving his business. Furthermore, we keep in direct contact with him so he is fully informed of any deliveries and collections we manage for him, enabling him to chase any queries without the need to be at the storage centre.

Client Testimony:

‘They (Safestore) have always been great. Very helpful, supportive and reliable. I trust them to unload my goods, store them away and keep them safe. It isn’t just a storage facility that they offer, it is part of a logistical solution for my business.’

‘At the moment I am up to around 225 sq/ft but I started off with a tiny room. As my requirements have grown Safestore have accommodated me and have looked after my needs.’
- Adam Dickinson,

This is just one example of the many satisfied customers we work with. If you find that you or your business is in similar circumstances or want to avoid such issues from occurring in the first place, Safestore have the solutions you need.

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