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Heading home for the holidays?  Have you given any thought to what you are going to do with all of your stuff over the holidays?  Are you planning on lugging it back to your parents? 

This may appear to be the cheaper option but not always the most convenient for everyone involved, especially if your parents no longer have space for your belongings. 

Don’t lug it!

It really doesn’t make a lot of sense traipsing cross country with all your belongings only to make the return journey in a few months or a few weeks time.  And depending on the distance and rising fuel costs it may not actually be the cheapest option.

There is a much easier solution! Store it!

Simply pack everything up, take it to one of the 125 stores nationwide, put it in a storage unit, secure with a padlock and forget about it till September and start enjoying yourself. Prices start from as little as £5 a week*.
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What's the deal?

We’re currently offering 50% off your student storage for the first 8 weeks which should cover you for the majority of the holidays and 20% off padlocks).

How to book

  1. Find a Safestore near your accommodation for the following year.
  2. Get a quote online quickly.  The 50% off discount will be applied automatically.
  3. Reserve your unit for FREE
  4. Simply bring your student ID card and one other form of ID (e.g. passport or driver’s license) with you when you come to store. 

Don’t wait until the last minute!

Student units tend to sell out rather quickly at this time of year so do reserve yours soon.  You can do this for FREE online or give us a call.
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No hidden extras

The only other things you will need to budget for is insurance, in the very unlikely event that something happens to your belongings whilst in storage, which starts around £3* a week depending on the level of coverage you need and a padlock.  We do sell padlocks in store but you’re welcome to bring your own.

Need help with transport?

We don’t offer transport to our stores.  However, we can recommend local removals companies that our customers use regularily.  Most students find it more economical to use a taxi or uber to bring their items to store.  You can compare taxi prices to our stores using Minicabit who offer student discounts.

Launch Uber or Get a quote from MiniCabit
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We look forward to welcoming you soon.

FAQs about Student Self Storage

How quickly can I move in?
You can move in on the same day that you make the enquiry (during opening hours) providing you have the relevant ID (Student ID and one other form of ID e.g. Passport, Drivers Licence or Credit card).  The paperwork only takes 5-10 mins.

When do I pay for my storage?
Students are required to pay for the duration of their stay when they check in.

What form of payments do you accept?
You can pay for your storage using a Debit or Credit Card.  Stores are unable to accept cash.

Where will my things be stored? How secure will my things be?  Who has access?
Our three most popular storage solutions for students are cages, lockers and individual storage units (subject to availability).

1) Cages will fit up to the equivalent of 7 average sized boxes (e.g. A4 or Walkers Crisp box) .  Multiple cages are stored in one large communal area.  For added security they’re padlocked, shrink wrapped and customers can’t access the room without a member of our team present.

2) Lockers are 1m x 1m (approx. 10 sq ft), similar to the size of a washing machine and would fit the contents of a car boot.  As the sole key holder you will be the only person who has access to the contents and you can come and go during normal opening hours.

3) Individual Storage Units come in a number of sizes but most Students find that our 10, 16 or 25 sq ft units are more than ample.  Again as the sole key holder you’re the only person who can access the room.  You’re welcome to come to the store anytime during regular opening hours unless you’ve arranged 24 hours access in advance. 

There is also the option of sharing a unit with friends to bring down cost. Shared student storage space is secured in a locked room with Safestore staff accompanied access only.

We take the security of your goods and possessions extremely seriously. To protect them all our centres have staffed receptions during opening hours, sophisticated alarm systems and 24 hour recorded CCTV. Access to our storage centres is strictly controlled.

Are there any restrictions on what can be stored?

A full list of restricted items (e.g. firearms, dangers or illegal items or anything perishable) will be covered during the contract process. 

However, unlike Box Storage companies, where certain fragile items like glassware, crockery, TVs & printers are not covered on insurance and the level of cover per box may not be enough to replace the items.    

We also don't require you to put everything, including awkward shapes like bicycles and suitcases in boxes, which can make it easier for stacking, but it isn't the most efficient use of the space, results in unnecessary packaging and costs more.
How do I get access to my things?
You can access your belongings anytime and as many times as you like during our regular opening times FREE of charge.  Unlike Box Storage Companies that charge you to have your items returned and once stored you're unable to access your stuff.

What is the minimum storage period?
There is no minimu or maximum length of stay.  However, stays less than two weeks are not entitled to 50% off introductory offer.

For more answers to FAQs please see our Personal Storage FAQs

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