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Video: Gerry Wells' Vintage Radios - Our 'Stuff is Great' Collector #2

About the collection

The late Gerry Wells was a rare English eccentric. Ever since he was a child he was obsessed with cables, electrical fittings and radios.
”It was said: give Gerry Wells a knob and he’ll
make the radio to go with it.”
Unsurprisingly Gerry carved a career fixing old TVs and radios. He also began to collect them while others were throwing them in skips. In 1974, his collection was so vast he founded the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum in his West Dulwich home.
The museum still runs today, and is a glimpse into the heart of a lifelong collector and electrical enthusiast.  

Museum chairman John Thompson who knew Gerry well, took the time to speak to us about Gerry and his collection.   Full Interview
Vintage Radio Collector
Gerry Wells London
Gerry Wells
Number of radios owned 1300
Collecting for how long? 40 Years
Year of oldest item 1890
Value of total collection £80,000
Total storage space needed 300 sq ft
Most valuable item £6,000

Favourite Item:

1933 BELMONT 525 Windsor Wood
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