How to Store Your Boots for Summer

How to Store Your Boots for Summer

Top 5 tips for storing leather boots

We’re nearing June here in the UK but as the British know only too well, we’re never guaranteed a summer.  With the temperamental climate in mind, do you think it’s safe to put our boots away for the summer and break out the flip flops?

Recently we spoke with Adam from The Calling Cobbler in St Albans who has been fixing shoes for 20 years.  He gave us his top tips for storing boots for the winter and while there really isn’t a lot involved, if you follow these tips it could prolong the life of your boots.


1. Give them a good clean, brushing off any dirt

Make sure you use a soft nylon bristle brush as you don’t want to scratch the surface of the leather.  You can also use water and a mild soap (avoiding washing up liquid) if your boots are super dirty.


2. Use a good leather conditioner - a cream or balm

This will keep them nice and soft and stop them from drying out or cracking.

3. Get them fixed, if in need of repair

Consider repairing your boots before you put them away, checking the heels and soles so that they’re ready to go when you next take them out.

bootsdiagram.jpg4. Invest in boot shapers which keeps out the creases

Boot shapers mean you can hang them up in your wardrobe too.  You can save some money by making your own.  Simply cut out a stiff piece of cardboard to fit the vamp and make a tube out of cardboard for the shaft.  Reinforce it by stuffing the boots with tissue paper, right down to the toe. You can also cut up a pool woggle or roll up a magazine and insert into the boots.

5. If you decide not to use boot shapers, make sure you store them lying flat on their side

Standing boots upright with nothing to hold their shape will result in wrinkles and creases.

6. Prevent mould

There is a chance they can go mouldy if your wardrobe or storage is damp but you can stop this by sticking some silica gel packets in them.  However, this can also cause the leather to dry out so make sure you follow step 2 if you want to prevent this. 


7. Don’t forget about them! Check on them.

Halfway through the storage period check on them and apply a bit more cream or balm.  If you notice mould, mak e sure you use the silica gel packets mentioned in step 6.

When the days get shorter and colder weather starts to set in again, hopefully these tips will ensure that your boots are in tip top shape and ready to go for another winter.  Leather boots are designed to last so it makes sense to store them properly and prolong their wear!

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