How much does self storage cost?

Article last updated October 2020

There are a few things to take into consideration when shopping around for self storage in the UK; the location of the storage facility, standard of the facilities, level of security offered and ease of access to name a few.

However, we appreciate that for most people, the price of the self storage unit will probably be the biggest factor when choosing a storage facility for your belongings.

In this article, we’ve not only broken down the average cost of storage across the UK but have also included information to help you decide which storage facility is right for you.

It's always good to remember that the cheapest storage facility is not always the best option.

The price of self storage will depend on a few factors:


1) Location 

The location of the storage facility will be reflected in the prices you pay for storage. Like most things, the closer you are to city centres the more things tend to cost.  This is the same with self storage.  The closer you are to London the higher you can expect the prices of self storage to be and as you move further north in the UK the prices tend to be less.

2) Size of the unit 

Storage facilities will have different size units available to rent; ranging in size from small lockers to large warehouse type spaces. These spaces are normally charged by the square foot (Sq. ft) and typically the bigger the unit the cheaper the price per square foot.  

3) Length of stay  

The cost of the storage unit will also vary depending on how long you stay or plan on staying.  Many storage providers offer an introductory discount (e.g 50% off for 8 weeks) to new customers, which can mean a substantial savings if you're only looking for temporary storage.  

However, if you plan on staying for longer (e.g a year or more) you may be able to take advantage of any long-term discounts on offer. Some storage providers may also offer discounts for NHS, Military or Emergency Services employees.  It is always worth asking the question.  

4) Replacement value  

In the very unlikely event that something happens to your belongings whilst in storage, most reputable storage companies will require you to either take out an insurance policy with them or provide your own. The cost of your insurance will depend on the replacement value of your goods.  

How much does a self storage unit cost in the UK?

The quickest way to find out how much a self storage unit will cost is to get a no-obligation quote above. You can select the size of your unit (our video guides can help you to visualise how much space you’ll need) and the store location that is most convenient to you. 

Self storage pricesAs a rough guide, according to data from the SSA (Self Storage Association) UK annual industry report, the average rental cost of self storage is £23.11 per square foot per year.

Do bear in mind this is a national average for self storage prices and can vary substantially depending on where the facility is located and the value quoted, by the SSA, is the base rate which does not include things such as VAT and insurance.

To help illustrate how much self storage costs in the UK we’ve extrapolated the data given by the SSA into easy to read tables.  We've calculated how much different unit sizes could cost for varying lengths of time in different areas of the UK;  including London, The North, Southwest, Midlands.and Scotland.

Please note these storage prices are for reference purposes only and should not be considered a valid quote.  To get the most accurate quote for your storage needs in a location that is most convenient for you get a ‘quick’ quote above.

Average Cost of Self Storage in the UK

Average Storage Prices 50 Square Feet 75 Square Feet 100 Square Feet 150 Square Feet 200 Square Feet
1 Week £22.16 £33.24 £44.32 £66.48 £88.64
1 Month £94.97 £142.44 £189.93 £284.91 £379.89
2 Months £189.94 £284.88 £379.86 £569.82 £759.78
3 Months £284.91 £427.32 £569.79 £854.73 £1139.67
6 Months £569.83 £854.64 £1139.58 £1709.46 £2279.34
1 Year £1155.48 £1733.02 £2310.82 £3466.41 £4622.00

Self Storage Prices List

The cost of self storage across the UK:

1) London Storage Prices
2) Scotland Storage Prices
3) Midlands Storage Prices
4) Northern England Storage Prices
5) Southern England Storage Prices (Excluding London)

Average Cost of Self Storage in London

 The cost of storage in London is typically more expensive than it is elsewhere in the country, so when you’re looking for storage prices, make sure you take that into consideration. And there can also be a substantial difference between different locations within London itself.  
London Storage Prices 50 Square Feet 75 Square Feet 100 Square Feet 150 Square Feet 200 Square Feet
1 Week £26.53 £39.76 £53.06 £79.59 £106.12
1 Month £113.70 £170.40 £227.40 £341.10 £454.80
2 Months £227.40 £340.80 £454.80 £682.20 £909.60
3 Months £341.10 £511.20 £682.20 £1,023.30 £1,364.40
6 Months £682.20 £1,022.40 £1,364.40 £2,046.60 £2,728.80
1 Year £1,383.35 £2,073.20 £2,766.70 £4,150.05 £5,533.40

Average Cost of Self Storage in Scotland (Including Glasgow and Edinburgh)

The cost of living in Scotland is definitely cheaper than England and this is reflected in the lower price of self storage in Glasgow and Edinburgh in comparisons to the larger cities in England including London.  However, the table below will give you an idea of the average cost of self storage in Scotland. 
Scotland Storage Prices 50 Square Feet 75 Square Feet 100 Square Feet 150 Square Feet 200 Square Feet
1 Week £15.54 £23.24 £31.01 £46.55 £62.09
1 Month £66.60 £99.60 £132.90 £199.50 £266.10
2 Months £133.20 £199.20 £265.80 £399.00 £532.20
3 Months £199.80 £298.80 £398.70 £598.50 £798.30
6 Months £399.60 £597.60 £797.40 £1,197.00 £1,596.60
1 Year £810.30 £1,211.80 £1,616.95 £2,427.25 £3,237.55

Average Cost of Self Storage in the Midlands (Including Birmingham and Nottingham)

The Midlands is home to some of the more affordable places to live in the UK including Birmingham and Nottingham.  The lower cost of living in these places is also reflected in the price of self storage as you will see in the table below.
Midlands Storage Prices 50 Square Feet 75 Square Feet 100 Square Feet 150 Square Feet 200 Square Feet
1 Week £17.01 £25.48 £33.95 £50.96 £67.90
1 Month £72.90 £109.20 £145.50 £218.40 £291.00
2 Months £145.80 £218.40 £291.00 £436.80 £582.00
3 Months £218.70 £327.60 £436.50 £655.20 £873.00
6 Months £437.40 £655.20 £873.00 £1,310.40 £1,746.00
1 Year £886.95 £1,328.60 £1,770.25 £2,657.20 £3,540.50

Average Cost of Self Storage in the North (Including Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool)

Self storage prices for Manchester and Leeds tend to be slightly lower than the cost of storage in London. There is also an average self storage prices table below to compare to your nearest area.  
North Storage Prices 50 Square Feet 75 Square Feet 100 Square Feet 150 Square Feet 200 Square Feet
1 Week £15.75 £23.66 £31.57 £47.32 £63.07
1 Month £67.50 £101.40 £135.30 £202.80 £270.30
2 Months £135.00 £202.80 £270.60 £405.60 £540.60
3 Months £202.50 £304.20 £405.90 £608.40 £810.90
6 Months £405.00 £608.40 £811.80 £1,216.80 £1,621.80
1 Year £821.25 £1,233.70 £1,646.15 £2,467.40 £3,288.65

Average Cost of Self Storage in the South (Excluding London)

The cost of living varies greatly acorss the UK on a whole.  However, as the tables below of the average cost of storage in the UK suggests, the price of self storage in the South is less than it would be in London for a similar unit. However, it would cost more for a similar unit in the North.  
South Storage Prices 50 Square Feet 75 Square Feet 100 Square Feet 150 Square Feet 200 Square Feet
1 Week £18.69 £28.00 £37.38 £56.07 £74.76
1 Month £80.10 £120.00 £160.20 £240.30 £320.40
2 Months £160.20 £240.00 £320.40 £480.60 £640.80
3 Months £240.30 £360.00 £480.60 £720.90 £961.20
6 Months £480.60 £720.00 £961.20 £1,441.80 £1,922.40
1 Year £821.25 £1,460.00 £1,949.10 £2,923.65 £3,898.20

*The prices outlined above are based on the National Averages set out by the SSA and not an individual store or storage company

*Prices DO NOT include VAT & insurance

Last Updated:  Oct 2020

What does the price of self storage include?

Depending on the facility you choose, the storage unit prices may include:
  • Staff on site to accept deliveries on your behalf
  • 24 hour storage access* 
  • Sole access to the self storage unit
  • Free use of trolleys to load and unload your storage unit
  • Free use of forklifts
  • Forklift service*
  • 24-hour CCTV
  • Undercover loading bays
  • Free onsite parking*
*Not all self storage facilities offer all of these services.


Why people use self storage to store furniture

Excess furniture is commonly stored in self storage units (rather than at home or in a garage) because of its bulk and the need to keep it dry. You might choose to use self storage for furniture if you are:
  • moving house and need to store furniture temporarily;
  • redecorating or renovating and want to keep furniture safe and clean;
  • downsizing and want to keep your furniture for your children or grandchildren;
  • moving in with a new partner and have duplicate items of furniture.
Furniture is stored in exactly the same way as anything else with us. It will be kept in an indoor unit where it will be clean, dry and safe and protected from the elements. The cost will depend on how much furniture you need to store.

What size self storage unit do you need to store furniture? 

Our handy self storage video guides can help you to decide how big your unit will need to be, or we have helpful, experienced staff on hand at our stores, on the phone and online who can talk you through any questions you may have and offer advice. 

How much does furniture storage cost?


Average Cost of student storage*

As a rough guide, one of our 10 sq ft lockers would be ideal for student storage:  your bedding, luggage and books will fit nicely and be kept safe during the holidays. 
1 week* 1 month* 2 months* 3 months*
£2.21 £9.45 £18.90 £37.80

Average Storage cost for 1 bedroom flat*

A 35 sq ft room would accommodate the contents of a 1 bedroom flat, including:
  • Queen size bed
  • Dining table & chairs
  • Boxes
1 week* 1 month* 2 months* 3 months*
£7.77 £33.30 £66.60 £133.20

Average Storage cost for 2 bedroom house*

A 75 sq ft room would accommodate the contents of a 2 bedroom house, including:
  • A mattress
  • Bookcases
  • Tables
  • Dressers
  • Sofa
  • Large Appliances
1 week* 1 month* 2 months* 3 months*
£16.62 £71.22 £142.44 £284.88

Average Storage cost for 3 bedroom house*

A 100 sq ft room would accommodate the contents of a 3 bedroom house, including:
  • Small sofa
  • Garden furniture
  • Bikes & sports equipment
1 week* 1 month* 2 months* 3 months*
£22.16 £94.97 £189.93 £379.86

Average Storage cost for 4 bedroom house*

A 200 sq ft room would accommodate the contents of a 4 bedroom flat, including:
  • A fridge freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Large sofa sets, 
  • Dining table & chairs
  • Garden equipment
1 week* 1 month* 2 months* 3 months*
£44.32 £189.95 £379.89 £759.78

The larger your home and more furniture you have, the larger the unit you’ll need feel free to speak with our staff who can use their knowledge and experience of our units to help you choose the right unit.

*The prices for household storage listed above are based on the UK National Average supplied by the SSA in 2019.
*Many self storage facilities offer a 50% discount to new customers for the first 8 weeks or 2 months. The prices listed in this section include this calculation to illustrate a potential savings.
*Prices also no not include insurance or VAT.

These prices are for reference purposes only and should not be considered an actual quote. To get the most up to date accurate quote please use the quick quote option above or give us a call.

Last updated Oct 2020

Additional costs for self storage

There are no hidden fees or nasty surprises on a Safestore invoice. We have clear self storage pricing structures and will always make sure you understand what storage costs are involved. As well as the cost of your self storage units, the following costs might apply but we will always tell you whether these will apply to you before you commit to renting a storage unit with us. 

Insurance costs

We can arrange insurance cover for the belongings that you store with us; simply choose the level of cover that you think you need, based on how much you think it would cost to replace the belongings you’re storing with us. Prices for insurance arranged via Safestore starts at just £1.55 per week per £1000 of cover required, at any of our stores nationwide.

We don’t insist that you take out the insurance that we recommend but we do require you to hold adequate insurance of your own if you don’t opt for a policy through us. 


You don’t need to pay a deposit to reserve a unit at Safestore Self Storage. However, when you move in you will be asked to pay the first 4 weeks in advance using a credit card.  

Moving costs

We don’t offer our own collection/transport/removal service. However, each of our storage facilities have relationships with different local providers and will be happy to recommend one for you if you need someone to transport your belongings to us. 

Alternatively, you may prefer to hire a van to drive yourself, or hire a removals service, if you don’t have suitable transport of your own.

Packing materials

If you need bubble wrap, boxes or tape, we offer these items for sale at our storage facilities or online at very reasonable prices. 

Securing your self storage unit

You will need to budget for a padlock to secure your unit.  We do sell padlocks in our stores for your convenience for £12.50, or you're welcome to use your own.

Alternatives to self storage units

If you are researching self storage options, it is likely that you lack space at your home or business premises to simply store your belongings yourself. Too often, possessions can be damaged or lost or stolen if stored in a garage, loft or basement. Excess belongings or business stock can also take up valuable living or working space, too. A self storage unit with Safestore is a very good alternative, but you may want to know what else is out there. 

Here is a summary of the types of self storage available.

1. Indoor self storage 

Sometimes known as warehouse storage, this is the type of facility offered by Safestore. Our conveniently-located stores comprise large warehouses filled with individual, secure units that are protected by CCTV and alarms. The units are locked and only you will have a key; you can access your belongings at any time during usual opening hours and 24-hour access is also available by arrangement in many of our stores. 

As they are indoors, these units are protected against the elements. Units are available in a range of sizes from 10 sq ft to over 500 sq ft so can accommodate anything from a student’s belongings during the holidays to the contents of a large house or business stock and archives. Heavy or bulky items can be easily placed into ground floor units, which can be accessible to fork-lift trucks if required; shelving can be included in any size of unit to maximise the use of the space.

Ideal for storing:
  • Furniture and soft furnishings;
  • Clothes;
  • Bikes;
  • Gardening or camping equipment;
  • Toys;
  • Luggage;
  • Books;
  • Student belongings during holidays;
  • Business stock, equipment and archives (including for online retailers). 

2. Container storage

This type of facility is made up of large, secure metal containers that are located outdoors. They are usually unmanned and the sites are accessible to the public, though some facilities offer extra security in the form of CCTV, perimeter fencing and key-card access. As they are outdoors, the contents can be affected by extreme temperatures and condensation so are not suitable for perishable or delicate items.

Ideal for storing:
  • Large, bulky items such as cars, gardening equipment and garden furniture; 
  • Plant and machinery;
  • Any other large items not sensitive to changes in temperature or damp.

3. Collection and storage (“Box Storage”)

A relatively new concept is self storage without the need to transport your belongings to the self storage unit. You can find out more about the difference between box storage and self storage here

Box storage companies will typically supply you with boxes, simply pack your items yourself and they will the collect them for you and take them to a remote storage facility.  

When you want your items back, simply request that they be returned and for a fee they will return the items to you at an arranged time.  This type of storage really only works if you do not need regular access to your belongings.

Ideal for:

Smaller items that you can pack into boxes, such as –
  • Bikes;
  • Gardening equipment;
  • Clothes;
  • Luggage;
  • Books;
  • Toys.
Storing items that you do not need immediate access to.

4. Lockups

These are garage-sized facilities that are usually found within residential areas and are available for shorter long-term rent. Limited in size, these are mainly used to store smaller items.

Ideal for:
  • Storing smaller items of low value (security is only as good as the strength of the door).

5. Removals depositories

If you are moving house, your removals company may offer their own storage units, where they can store your furniture and belongings from your old house until you are ready for them to go into your new home. This may be useful if you need to decorate or renovate your new property since doing so will be much easier when the house is empty than when your belongings are all in place.

These indoor facilities are usually in large warehouses that are secure and dry, though you will not normally be able to access your belongings. The warehouses tend to be inaccessible to the public and you may be charged a fee if you need to remove any items earlier than originally planned.

Ideal for:
  • Household furniture and belongings when you are between houses;
  • Combining storage with a house removal service.

Find the right type of storage for you

Which storage solution is the right one for you depends entirely on what you want to store and how easily you want to access your belongings. We offer convenient, indoor self storage in a wide range of sizes at highly competitive prices.

How to get a quote for self storage

To find a store that’s in a convenient location for your home or business, use our store finder tool and enter your postcode, or search for your nearest town. We have 125+ stores nationwide, so you’re certain to find one that’s local to you, and all of our stores are located close to major road and public transport networks.

Check that your chosen store has the facilities you need (such as 24-hour access, onsite parking and staff available to accept deliveries for you) and then simply click online to reserve your self storage unit, with no deposit to pay.

Alternatively, give us a call or complete our online contact form and one of our helpful team can guide you through the process of booking the right unit at the right price for your storage needs.

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