14 Garden Storage Ideas

14 Garden Storage Ideas

Do you remember packing things into your shed after last summer? Your barbeque, patio furniture, lawnmower – that sort of thing? Knowing that you weren’t going to be using them over the winter, they probably got wedged into your shed between your parasol and hedge trimmers. After that, anything that ought really to go into your shed, like wellies, or boxes of bird food, bikes or footballs and other child-related detritus have probably accumulated on your patio or just outside your back door.

Now is the time to reclaim that space and make your garden beautiful again. It’s not quite warm enough to dig out the lawn furniture and parasol, though, so space in your shed may still be highly limited. Instead, to tidy your garden and make it a place where you want to spend time when the weather improves, consider investing in a few key storage ideas that are both practical and attractive. You may even be inspired to tackle your shed and find a better home for some of your garden equipment.

There are some really imaginative and well-made products available that will are perfect for storing every item that is currently piled up against the side of your house. Crucially, these storage ideas are not only attractive but also ensure that your belongings are totally accessible: you won’t ever need to drag heavy pieces of garden equipment out of the way just to get your trowel.

Here are our favourite garden storage ideas, all of which will make your garden look fabulous and keep your belongings safe, sound and easy to find.

1. Garden Utensil Hangers

Garden Utensil Holders 

2. Pallet Boot Storage

Pallet Boot Storage

3. Outdoor Toy Storage

Outdoor Toy Storage

4. Log Storage

Log Storage

5. Hanging Baskets

Hanging Basket Storage

6. Garden Rake Storage

Garden Rake Tool Storage

7. Key Safe

Key Safe

8. Outdoor Drink Station


9. Hosepipe Storage


10. Bike Storage with Raised Garden

Bike Storage with Raised Garden

11. DIY Pinecone Key Safe


12. Ladder Storage

Ladder Storage

13. Plant Lock Secure Bike Storage

Plant Lock Secure Bike Storage

14. Designer Bin Storage with Kitchen Garden 

Designer bin storage with kitchen garden

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