15 Creative Ways to Store Your Bike

15 Creative Ways to Store Your Bike
There can be no doubt that cycling is an efficient and environmentally-sound way to travel, whether you’re commuting to and from work or just nipping round to the shops. Equally, pedaling around a park is a great way to exercise in the fresh air and see some of our beautiful countryside. It’s when you get home that the downside of owning a bicycle becomes apparent: storing it somehow transforms it from a means of transport into a blooming nuisance as wherever you put it, it gets in the way.

If your bike is usually kept in the shed, it might difficult to access in the summer because of all the other things you have crammed in there like your lawnmower or hedge-trimmers – your shed may also not be as secure as you’d like, leaving your bike vulnerable to theft. If your bike is usually kept inside your home, you have probably already had many lively and prolonged discussions with your cohabitees about how many times they must endure scraping their shins on your pedals, or how often your bike’s handles have scraped the paintwork or dragged mud on the carpet. Keeping your bike in your home might be less contentious if you live alone, but it still takes up valuable floor space that could be used more productively.

Thankfully, there are people in the world who think about these things and they have come up with some super-cool ways of storing bikes inside the home and out. Here are our favourite fifteen bike storage ideas that will keep your bike safe and secure, protect your shins and even manage to transform your bike into a stylish and focal piece of furniture.

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